How to… Make a Fabric Bauble (Guest Post)

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christmas ornament fabricchristmas ornamentThis week brings you yet more lovely Christmas Ornament Crafts with this How to make a Fabric Bauble from Snaffles Mummy! It really is “decorations” galore here at Red Ted Art, but with Christmas rapidly heading our way, why not? I love ornaments and this is another fabulous idea. Choose fabrics that “fit your colour scheme”. Or my favourite, is to use old baby onesies – another special way to keep hold of those lovely lovely baby clothes (I can you guess yet how sentimental I am) or maybe even use old picture books or magazines?
Snaffles Mummy and I go a long long way back. When I first started out doing crafts and tutorials on Red Ted Art, Snaffles Mummy made my No Sew Bunting.
 Since then she has submitted to Get Crafties and I always great little crafts and tutorials appear on her site. Fabulous British Crafty Blogger!

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Don’t forget – you can use exciting tired baubles and give them a make over – then this REALLY becomes a thrifty project!!

  • PVA Glue and a small paintbrush
  • Polystyrene balls
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric
I ordered my polystyrene balls from E-bay but most craft shops will sell them, particularly at this time of year.  For the fabric you will need 5-6 different patterns to get a good patchwork effect. If you have scraps of fabric, great use them. However, if you are buying fabric then 5-6 different fabrics could work out expensive. I bought some mock patchwork effect fabric from Ebay so that I got the different patterns but didn’t have to buy 5-6 different fabrics.
You will need to cut your fabric into small squares. Mine were about an inch square. If you cut them too big you wont be able to get them to lay smoothly against your ball.  I used pinking shears to get the zigzagged edges and to prevent fraying.
Glue 1 square of fabric onto the ball, ensure the square is well smoothed out.
(you will have to excuse the photographs. You need to stand the balls on something to keep them stable so I used a candle holder.)
fabric bauble ornaments
Glue a length of ribbon across the top to form a loop for hanging. I used a clothes peg to hold this in place and allow to dry.
fabric ornaments
Once dry it should look something like this
fabric baubles
Glue 2 pieces of fabric either side of the ribbon to cover it
fabric baubles christmas
Continue to cover the entire bauble with squares of fabric, overlapping and gluing as you go along. Once covered allow to dry.
Once dry then cover the bauble with another layer of glue and allow to dry.
Voila, one home make fabric bauble.
christmas ornament fabric
Thank you Snaffles Mummy for a lovely idea and sharing your personalised  fabric baubles with us!
Looking for more ideas?