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Planting Creative Seeds

| January 9, 2012 | 18 Comments

Planting Creative SeedsPlanting Creative Seeds – so what is it all about? As you know, one of the aims of writing this blog is to get people crafting again – people who think they are not crafty, people who don’t have the time to be crafty, people who don’t know where to start or people who just don’t like the crafty mess!

Everyone is creative. When it comes to crafting there is no “right or wrong”.

I have teamed up Alissa from Creative With Kids to help you get started this year and help you Plant those Creative Seeds. Alissa and I would like to this to be an ALL INCLUSIVE approach to creativity – whether you are an adult crafting as a hobby, a parent crafting with or for your children or a carer planning to do more with your charges, we would like to work with YOU!

Do you want to try new things, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn a new craft? Maybe to sew or crochet? Do you want to teach your child a new craft?  Or do you simply want or feel like you should craft more with your children?

Are you one of those people (like me) who has drawers and boxes full of wonderful crafty material that you have forgotten you had? Are you not making the most of what you have got?

Alissa and I have each created a resource page on which you and other creative bloggers can share your thoughts and ideas to get crafting more!

We will be looking at

1) Planning and goals

2) Organising your creative space

3) Getting crafting and MAKING!

So.. want to get crafty more? Need a little help?

Come subscribe to this blog and don’t miss out on any of the creative prompts. Take part. Write down want you want to do. If you blog, share it on the Planting Creative Seeds Resource page.

Here are some lovely books you may like (click on the book to read the review):

Everything Alice: the Wonderland Book of Makes A Green Guide to Country CraftsCute and Easy Crochet Make Hey While the Sun Shines


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  1. Karien says:

    O, those books look lovely. I am fairly crafty, although a lot of it is baking with the kids. Now they are getting a bit older I do want to do more… Will be back for inspiration!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Yay! This is what it is all about! Starting to do more again. Would be fabulous if you wrote a list of things you would like to do? Maybe have a rummage around your “craft drawer” (if you have one) and do a little bit of planning? Always good!

  2. Liz Burton says:

    What a fab idea.

    I\’m sitting here surrounded by boxes and boxes of fabric and craft materials, this will be great inspiration to get organised!

  3. Hey There, I have a lot of thoughts on organization, or the lack there of…we aren\’t perfectly organized, for sure. I find that when I try to keep things too tidy, the creative impulses kind of wither, cause I don\’t want to mess up the neat shelves of supplies.

    I\’ll have to write a post about our studio space for your planting creative seeds project. I\’ve thought of doing this before, but like I said, it\’s not a space that would be featured in simple magazine or anything. But, maybe that\’s an even more important reason to get the post out there.

    The boys and I always have a million ideas floating around for projects and adventures…we get to a lot of them, but not all. And we\’re okay with that. If we really feel the need to work through an idea, it happens.
    I\’m really excited for the creative prompts.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Jena – I totally agree, that too organzied can stifle creativity… I also think lots of mess can do it in the same way – i.e. you need clean space and freedom to create. Before I start with the kids, I am forever clearing stuff away first. If I was tidier, I bet we would craft even more.. as everything would be more readily available, does that make sense? But I think we may be on the same hymn sheet anyway… Look forward to your involvement!

  4. The very thought scares me but I wish it didn\’t. Kids clearly love it but I have a horror of how much mess it makes and how much of my time it will suck away! I know that\’s an appalling attitude and I can\’t quite believe I said it out loud, but that\’s how I feel. I wish I could get over myself and have some fun with the kids – I\’ll keep watching and let you know if I ever decide to knock down the hurdle!

  5. Yay!! Looking fwd to all the ideas and inspiration!

  6. My desire to do more craft both for myself and with my children is seriously in conflict with my need to declutter and tidy my house! Hopefully I can manage both in 2012 :-)

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oooh funny you should mention decluttering.. next week’s organisation challenge is partly about the need to declutter all my craft “hord”.

  7. Ali says:

    You just reminded me I have 3 crochet projects that I haven\’t touched for a very long time. Time to dig them out.

  8. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I am not very crafty but I would love to be. I would love to do quite a few things in terms of craft. I would also love to start baking properly. I got some essentials at the weekend and me and my daughter have already had one art session (covering a twiglet tub with tissue paper – she is only 23 months) and she really enjoyed it! I love your blog and it has given me some inspiration, I just need to go shopping again to get more things! Those books look fab! The green crafts book looks very tempting!

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    23 months is a wonderful age to start doing more and more. Sounds like the tissue tub was great fun!! And baking is always a winner in our house. Go you. And the book is *lovely*!

  10. Purple Chronicle says:

    your newest follower via brit moms.. glad I found your blog… very inspiring:)

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