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How Do You Encourage Your Kids To Eat Healthily

| March 9, 2012 | 7 Comments

As a  mother, it is one of my top priorities to nurture and look after my children.  As a baby it is all about feeds and sleep. Then comes weaning… and then the every day battle of getting our children to eat healthily and a good variety of food (pasta every day just doesn’t work). Enjoying and eating good food is important to us as a family. I am therefore taking part in the Weetabix Fuel for Big Days campaign.  My main approach to do this, is to lead by example. We eat together as often as possible and as varied as possible. The children are encouraged to taste everything at least once. We also like to grow vegetables in our small garden and I have found that that significantly helps with children eating their greens…

What are your healthy eating ideas and suggestions? Would love to hear more.

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  1. Salma says:

    For some reason, my daughter is very concious about eating food that gives her energy and contains vitamins – no idea why – so if I tell her it gives her energy and contains lots of vitamins, she will have it (well not EVERYTHING – but things that are important, for example, eggs). Also, me and her dad try to always say the same thing, to try and show her consistency…

  2. Hi Maggy,
    This subject is of huge importance to me too. Particularly now as I have just got a job teaching families how to cook and eat healthily as well as young mums.
    I think like you you have to lead by example and also never give up on things. Kids have to try foods at least ten times apparently before it becomes acceptable to them.
    Make it fun too. Give them their own utensils, bowls, special knives etc. Give them food for tea which they an assemble themselves such as make your own wraps/pizzas.
    I think it\’s good too to not offer them an alternative if they refuse their tea. Strict, I know but effective! Or just let them have some fruit so they are not going to bed hungry x

  3. Betsy says:

    We emphasis very healthy eating at my home. But more important to me are that my 4 and 5 year-old be open to trying new things. Being open to new foods is half the battle. So, we\’ve started doing taste-testing. Last week we went to the store and picked out every color plum we could find. We went home, cut them all up and talked about the differences and similarities between them all. The week prior we picked out all the different colored tomatoes (and they hate tomatoes). But presenting the food as a taste-test, gets the girls to at least try things they may not have liked otherwise. That\’s just one little tip in my arsenal of many!

    Thanks for the great question.

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh I love the taste tests! Great idea!!! And yes, I agree, very important to get them tasting things – often they then realise that something is nice!

    Salma – talking about \”growing big and strong\” helps in our house too 😉

    Laura- we need to cook more together too, I think that definitely helps.

  5. I have quite a few ideas and just put them all of them in one post:

  6. I find the biggest challenge is to get my buddies to eat vegetables. I will often serve them vegetables while they wait for the meal to be ready. They are hungriest at the beginning of a meal and I don\’t have to say anything, just make vegetables alone an option while they are waiting. I also serve some things like peas or corn in their frozen state at times. They don\’t taste as much like veggies as they taste like \”frozen\”. It\’s weird but it works. I don\’t serve sweetened beverages or fruit juice either because I think it gets their taste buds accustomed to sweet.

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