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35+ Elves and Fairies – Midsummer Celebration Round Up

| May 14, 2012 | 39 Comments

With midsummer approaching, I thought it would be fun to have a special “Fairies & Elves” round up – anything impish, elfish, fairy-ish and midsummer-night-ish to get you into that whimsical magical feeling! Hopefully the selectioin below will set you up for midsummer celebrations. When it comes to fairies, I particularly like the nature and waldorf inspired fairy crafts. Just adorable. I am pretty certain, that I will be revisiting this post myself and making things with my kids. I am inspired by all the magical craftiness out there. Over 30 lovely Fairy Craft Ideas   fairy booksI have also teamed up with Zoe from Playing By The Book. Playing By The Book is a fabulous Kid Lit blog – bringing you wonderful children’s literature from around the world. Zoe frequently combines her book reviews with a craft (and was one of the first to inspire me to get crafty), as well as music and other resources. She has now started a series called “I’am Looking for a Book About…” and where possible, we aim to double up and link to each other – Zoe providing you the literature and I providing you the crafts. This way you can get crafty and find beautiful books to share with your children. So,  hop over and check out all her fantastic books in her Fairy and Elves book round up! There is also more fairiness with, crafts, books and general magic over at se7en. Check it out.

And now.. to the magical round up:

make your own fairy gardenFairy Garden This is the most adorable Fairy Garden by Magic Onions and her kids – everything about it is just perfect – from the old drunk they used as a basis to all the little details such as the tyre swing. Fabulous. My kids would adore it.   x x Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden 2 Another totally GORGEOUS fairy garden – but you HAVE to look at the post and see all the little details – from tea pots to vegetable gardens and swings. The photos show gorgeous fairy play and really makes you want to go out make a garden! Visit The Juise for more.     x Fairy Houses I have featured these fairy houses before in – Recycled Get Crafty – but as things can get “lost” and as these are so adorable, I thought I would have to share them again!!  The Filthy Wizardry made these beautiful fairy houses from old plastic bottles. Genius.   x fairy houseFairy House If you don’t quite have the energy for a whole Fairy Garden… and if you don’t have any fairy house shaped bottles to hand, how about a Fairy House made from nature’s materials?  The Craft Stew shares a download for this great looking fairy house made from sticks, bark and stones!     x elf houseElf House A slightly simpler version is this Elf House we made in the garden with Red Ted. We used sticks, stones and leaves. And the children brought our elves flowers and pine cones and visited them every day… x x fairy housesStone Houses These little stone houses from Thinly Spread have been on my “To do” list every since I first saw them. I think they are simply wonderful. I am torn between waiting for the children to be older, so they can make them with me, and making a set for them now!?     x fairy gardenMoss Garden  I know we have had terrarium on Red Ted Art already – but ours featured dinosaurs – not a cute little gnome! Perfect play companion for fairies and eleves.  Love in The Suburbs shares their craft.   x x fairy crafts Fairy Discovery Bottle How cute is this Fairy Discover Bottle from Here Come the Girls? Totally adorable. Would make a great snowglobe too.       tinkerbells sisterTinkerbell Fairy We love Clothese Peg Crafts and knew we hade to make a Tinkerbell Fairy! So we did.     fairy craftsTooth Fairy Boxes Well.. if you can’t find those little fairies in the garden.. how about making some of your own? Here we have some little fairy tooth box to keep your tooth safe at night, made from old “Kinder Egg Surprise cases”. We love them. x x peg doll fairyPom Pom Tree Fairy These are from website that I love and have featured many a time (and who has guested posted for Red Ted Art twice), so I am bound to love these pom pom fairies – most definitely quirky and different and fabulous – the Pom Pom Emporium does it again!     x fairy babiesFlower Babies I ADORE these absolutely GORGEOUS little fairy babies – what is even cuter, is that Parenting With Wonder, made these flower babies “secretly” and hid them in the garden for her children to find. How lovely is that? I am telling you, this is soooo on my to do list. Adorable. Go and check out all the other cute little babies.   x pine cone babiesPine Cone Babies We made our own little “babies” out of pine cones to hang in the Christmas tree… but they also double up as great little pinecone fairy babies. Easy to make and fun to play with.   x   flower fairyFlower Fairies Make your own flower fairies from plastic flowers and pipecleaners – Tuffet Blog shares her cute how to. And she made what seems like hundreds of these. Too cute! x x x Waldorf Math Gnomes How ToMaths Gnomes We loved making these cute little Waldorf math gnomes from old corks!     x fairy craftsAcorn Fairies Red Ted currently adores clothes pegs.. and I know that when he sees these clothes peg fairies, he will want to make some too. Aren’t they cute?  These are from Plaid Kids Crafts.   x Stick gnomesNature Gnomes These are such cute little gnomes from That Artist Woman‘s website – I love all sorts of stick crafts and this one is just perfect for our elfish celebrations. Ahem. Ok, so they are gnomes, but we shan’t me gnomist, right?   x x gnomesFelt Gnomes Another great tutorial from Wee Folk Art – felt gnomes. I think they are simply gorgeous and make for great “waldorf” like  play.   x x knitted gnomesKnitted Moss Gnomes A reason to learn how to knit! Or to get back to knitting after some absence… I am in the middle of knitting a scarf for Pip Squeak, but I think I may have to take a little detour and make some of these fantastically cute gnomes. Mother Rythm shares this fantastic pattern.   x FairiesWitches and Fairies And from the great Playing By The Book herself -more adorable fairies and these are made by her girls. I love them. Remember that you will alwyas find the the most wonderful books to go with her crafts – so go and check out this lovely post.   x x fairy keepsakeFairy Drawing Keepsake I love love love this idea of stitching your child’s drawing onto fabric to create a keepsake – be it a pillow case, tea towel, hanky or apron. Lovely. Plus2Point4 shares her lovely craft. I know I will be doing some of these with my children’s drawings. x x toad stool Toad Stools Well.. all fairies need somewhere to sit! And Sun Hats and Wellieboots knows all about fairies and what they like. So they made their own little toadstools for them to perch on. Simple! x x Fairy LoomFairy Loom I love this idea of a fairy loom over at Paint Cut Paste – it is a magical loom that serves as a “safe storage place” for all those pretty things you collect from nature on your walks – leaves, sticks, feathers – you name it – and as the seasons change, your loom changes with you. Very sweet.   x woodland fairy craftWoodland People Alternatively, take your woodland finds of leaves and barks and make a little collage – creating your own mysterious beings from the nature – we made woodland people.   x   flower fariesReady to Wear Flower Girls Or how about these gorgeous gorgeous “ready to wear” flower fairies – you can download a free printable of the fairy.. and then you are encouraged to go off, find some flowers, press them and dress that fairy! This gorgeous ideas if from Artful Adventures.     x Fairy Tiara Flower Tiara Time to play fairy dress up! And well.. every little fairy *needs* a flower tiara, surely?! This Is Me Inspired shares these very cute felt flower tiaras!       fairy craftsFloral Headress Another cute floral headdress – this time from tissue paper by the Domestic Goddesque. So cute and pretty and a quick make!   x x elf hatElf Hats For those less into flowery head gear, we have the cutests and simplest little elf hat to inspired you. Mummy Mummy Mum and her kids got crafty!   x x Doll’s Fairy Wand Don’t forget that your dolls love to play “fairies” too – or in fact you may have a fairy doll that you don’t know about and all she needs is her wand to bring her to life! Never fear – Me and My Shadow solve the problem with this cute dolls’ wand!   x x butterfly wingsFairy Butterfly Wings Or how about some ADORABLE butterfly wings? I love love love these from Fun in the Making – all from recycled materials! x x x fair wand naturePine Cone Wand Once you have your tiaras ready.. you will need a wand! How lovely is this easy peasy pine cone wand – so pretty and ready for some fairy magic!  Eclectic Chica shares her idea.   x x nature wandNature Wand Or how about this lovely nature wand that Sun Hats and Wellieboots made?  So cute!   x x fairy ribbon ringFairy Ribbon Ring If you don’t fancy a wand, you may like a fairy ribbon ring? So simple and so perfect for a whimsical dance in the garden.  Wee Folk Art shares the activity.   x fairy wandsFairy Wands And if all this crafting has made you hungry, try some fairy wands biscuits. Aren’t they adorable? Another craft recipe from Here Come the Girls! x x

So. I do hope you found some fairy craft inspiration – be it midsummer celebrations or a fairy party that you are planning or just having fun with your children. Don’t forget to stop by at Play by The Book and check out Fairy and Elves book too.

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  1. oh my! i love all of these ideas! we just had fairy house week on the blog last week with fairy houses from natural materials and a fairy herb garden. thanks so much for including our fairy looms among these stunning projects! happy almost summer!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Aah great minds think alike!! Lots of wonderful fairy adventures popping up everywhere as midsummer approaches. I love your loom!

  3. Zoe says:

    Wow, such a lovely round up. I like the nature fairy wand a lot! Looking forward to collaborating more in the future :-)

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Me to Zoe! Was a great idea of yours! And yes, the nature fairy wand is lovely, isn’t it?! That Sun Hats and Wellieboots is just too creative!

  5. A really interesting and diverse roundup. I’d never have though of half of these but, now I’ve seen them, my head is full of ideas. Thanks for including me in the round up.

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    Yay, a head full of ideas is just want I wanted to achieve! Go out and craft! :-)

  7. Lovely fairies and magical summer enchantment – I love it!

  8. Wow! What a fantastic selection! So many ideas and so much inspiration! Thank you so much for including our little pebbles! :-)

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    And your stone Fairy Houses ahem *rock* @Chris!!!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for including mine. Molly is off school sick and has just watched tinker bell to cheer her up so I’m sure she’ll be wanting to make a fairy craft really soon! I definitely plan on making the tooth fairy pots out of kinder eggs. So very cute.

  11. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaah well, I hope Molly feels better soon! I am sure the fairies will help!

  12. Sian says:

    What lovely ideas : )

  13. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you!

  14. What a wonderful roundup! Thanks for including our Moss Garden Terrarium tutorial. I look forward to exploring all these great projects!

  15. oooh what amazing crafts! I feel like my elf hat is a bit over simple though :-)

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Emma – your Elf hat is perfect! We like all crafts – and simple is good – nothing wrong with that! Makes crafts accessible to all!

  16. Liz Burton says:

    Such beautiful crafts. I’m glad I’m not the only one who still believes in fairies ;0)

  17. What a great round up. I blogged about a forest walk we went on last week where we discovered some fairy houses in the trees. We came home and made leaf fairies and a fairy garden yesterday. We shall definitely be trying some of the above ideas too, as 2 yo is all into it after our walk!


  18. Stone houses and nature wands – I’ve just been told by my boys that’s what they want to do! A great selection that everyone can do, roll on the rain! Thanks x

  19. Jude says:

    A lovely collection of activities – at times like this I wish I had a daughter – my boys just aren’t really into fairies etc. :(

    • Red Ted Art says:

      But are they into elves and gnomes? That is how I persuade my son to take an interest (though that is easy at only 4yrs!)

  20. oooohhh – I am inspired!!! I did the fairy house last year and Pixie loved it, may attempt some more……

    Thanks for round up lovely!

  21. Maria says:

    Hi! I just checked my “referring sites” on my blog, Calm-Energy, and I noticed RedTedArt.com listed. I visited and found a reference to my Olympics activities! Thank you for noticing!
    My friend, Koralee @ Bluebird Notes, sent me a wonderful Olympic theme book from Vancouver, BC. It inspired so many ideas!
    I appreciate your wonderful comments about them!
    I’m putting your blog in my sidebar so that I can keep up with your posts. There are so many great ideas here for me!
    ~ Maria

    • Red Ted Art says:

      My pleasure Maria – I thought you had a lovely post! And thank you for adding me to your side bar!

  22. What a fun find! I love seeing so many ideas all in one spot! I will have to explore! I do fairy fridays on my site (avintagefairy.com) would love for you to check it out!

    Thanks! Kristin

  23. OOO these are lovely ideas! I have loads of fairy posts but I obviously missed your memo this time- duh! We’re just half way through our fairy garden- a “chicken pox” project for C!

  24. Avalynn says:

    Wow, fantastic ideas. We are going to try make the bottle houses. 😀

  25. Becca says:

    Thanks for including my Math gnomes!


  26. Hi – I have 3 girls and they love playing with all types of fairy stuff: great items above – we all loved looking at them.

  27. I loved visiting all these links – my daughter adores fairies and I can’t wait to make bottle houses and pipe cleaner fairies to live inside with my daughter and her friend!!

    Now I really really want to share a post of my own and I hope you don’t mind (I don’t mean to be cheeky) it is a toadstool seat making tutorial, we made them from carpet tubes for a party: http://www.fancyface.co.uk/2012/11/08/how-to-make-fairy-toadstools/

    Thank you! :-)

  28. I love this round-up! My girl is a big fan of fairies, so much so that we even made our own fairy wings out of cardboard that are till a big hit even one year after.

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