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Red Ted Art – The Book

| March 11, 2013 | 202 Comments

Hooray! Finally my very own Kids Craft Book is HERE!!! Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids!!!! This has been a long time in the making (this time last year, we were drafting out what would go into the book, can you believe it?!) and it is soooo exciting to finally see it all come together.

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The book is all about getting families crafting together.

It took a year to create this kids craft book, as we had to ponder what to put in the book. I then had to go off and make everything (luckily, some things I had already made and we had kept, so I only needed to just spruce things up a little). Followed by long evenings of writing and  typing and editing…. I sent it off to 5 lovely friends, who proof read it for me (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU).

Red Ted Art in one handy and gorgeous book.

Painting a1  - Copy - Copy

Some more tidying up… and then we had 4 days worth of photo shoots with the lovely Sarah Cuttle. It was an exciting four days, learning some more tips and tricks to improve my own photography and getting some great shots of Red Ted and Pip Squeak in action!

We picked crafts to appeal to all age groups. Some to do together, some for the kids to do on their own, some FOR you kids.

The fabulous people at Square Peg, then took all the “raw materials” and turned it into this beautiful book. Just gorgeous. A few more minor edits later and the book went off to the publishing house just before Christmas.

Finally, I got my copy 3 weeks ago:


Ahem.. yes.. a little bit crazed I know… The Englishman still says that he doesn’t know who is in that photo (me me me!).

Seasonal materials a1What do I think of it? Well.. I think it is simply gorgeous. I love the format. I love the printing. I love the design. It is wonderful to see the last 3 years worth of blogging summed up in one place. Great to have such a “handy format” to browse our own craft ideas.

Making Memories.

The kids responded with “Mummy, mummy, can we make that? We haven’t made that in aaaaaaages”, “Mummy, we neeeeed to make that again”. So yes, in a crazy sort of way, we will be working our way through the book AGAIN.

Many of these crafts are what I consider to be “childhood classics” and I so want my children growing up with happy memories of making these crafts themselves! Please also state what country you are from!

So. The book is available on pre order on Amazon and is officially out on 28th March 2013.

Want to win your own copy? Visit the Kids Craft section of the blog… have a good look around and let me know either which craft you would like to give a go or better still which craft you HAVE given a go already!



1) One entry per person.

2) Open WorldWide.

3) Winner will be selected at random.

4) Competition closes on 24th March 2013 at 11pm.

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  1. Kat says:

    This robot craft for sure!

    Congrats on the book, would love to win a copy! :)

  2. Just wanted to say well done, you have achieved so much. Look forward to buying it!

  3. Jayne says:

    We made your paper baubles ( few Christmases ago, but we used pre-printed Christmas paper instead of making our own, which was a little bit of a cheat but I had a lot of paper to use up!

  4. I love the stone ducks…so cute! But so hard to choose, I love all your crafty ideas :)

  5. Noreen says:

    I love the stone duck family! I thought I would try the Santa bowling, as I have a few corks. But I think I will make them into Christmas tree ornaments. Thanks for sharing all your lovely ideas. Good luck with your new book!

  6. Rachael says:

    I am a childminder and use ideas from your blog everyweek. Most recently salt dough hand prints for mothers day presents. X

  7. We made your wrapping paper and we’ve also painted with cookie cutters. So fun and so many great ideas. Congratulations on the book!

  8. Pam says:

    I think the salt dough beads look like fun! Congrats on the book!!!

  9. Michelle says:

    We’ve made the hobby horse and my daughter still loves it!! Would love to win a copy of your book :)

  10. Mum of One says:

    I love your Captain Jack Sparrow…I am all about the toilet roll craft right now LOL!

  11. Deanna Yeo says:

    Congrat on ur book! Would like to win one of ur book cos love……. All de craft! Great work.

  12. Georgia King says:

    I soooo want to try the Salt Dough! My LO is 22 months and just starting to be able to craft! Would love to win a copy of the book!

  13. Jessica says:

    The Four Seasons Tissue Craft has been on my project to-do list for a long time now. I think this is the month that I finally get to it. I love seeing how each of my children takes a craft and makes it his own. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  14. Lisa jones says:

    I can’t wait to make pine cone faired and pine cone people! It means a good excuse to get out in the woods, which we love doing!

  15. Fiona says:

    So much to choose from, and with a 1 year old and a 4 year old there’s something for everybody, but I really love the Amimal handprint alphabet.

  16. Well done. Can’t wait to buy the book. I’m so rubbish at crafts and definitely need a good book to guide me.

  17. Ieva says:

    We have tried to paint and decorate photofames and do fantastic prints with shapes cut out of patatoes. Your page is a big treasure box for us and we will try some Easter crafts with my daughter in the coming weeks! Thank you so much for inspiration and fingers crossed! :)

  18. Fiona R says:

    We’ve done a lot with salt dough already, so would love to do the stone ducks next!! Awesome!

  19. Fibia says:

    We will do the Rock Monsters. So much fun. Thank you for the opportunity.

  20. mitonaa chakravartty says:

    Congratulations,the book looks great.I am an avid reader of your blog even though not very active in the craft chat on facebook.We have done the mermaid TP roll doll,handmade wrapping paper and bottle top stamps.Looking for the right sized stones now re duck family.Would love to win a copy of your book and so would my 4 yr old little girl.Thanks for the great ideas:)

  21. Def the Santa Corks! Would love to win (or buy!) a copy. Fab job, Maggy :-)

  22. Ella says:

    I have made the edible ornaments this Christmas and have lots more of your activities pinned and on my to do list! The paper mache solar system being the top one at the moment!

  23. Congratulations on the book, I can’t imagine how exciting that must be! What amazing craft ideas, I’m looking forward to trying the dinosaur egg soaps after spotting them on Pinterest recently, and I think my son would love to try the deodorant penguins – what a brilliant recycle. Fingers crossed, would love to win a copy!

  24. Alison says:

    It looks great – many congratulations!

    I think I would have a go at the cardboard tube mermaid. My daughter is mad on The Little Mermaid and we always have loo rolls in the recycling!

  25. Judie says:

    The book looks amazing. Congratulations. I’ve just started reading chapter books with my middle one, so we are going to try thr feet bookmarks. There are so many fab ideas – I just need to save up more TP tubes!

  26. Jane @ MamaPeaPod says:

    I already decided last December that we will definitely be doing your little ‘gingerbread’ houses next year – they look so much simpler and less stressful for me! :-) Great job, Maggy, the book looks lovely! So glad all your work has paid off.

  27. Annette says:

    The pinecone fairies are adorable. Congrats on your book.

  28. Mimi says:

    My daughter is only 18 months old and for Christmas we attempted to make the Toilet paper Santas for Santa Bowling, needles to say it was chaos but when we were done she loved knocking them down.
    She also loved making the hand print Valentine’s cards with the Homemade Finger Paint.
    Next we will be working on the duck family for easter.

  29. I enjoy looking at your crafts all the time! You are very creative. The book will be an asset to any child’s learning. My next project will be the paperroll snake. Would love to win a copy of your book! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. :-)

  30. Emily says:

    We want to make the stone ducks!! My daughter loves duckies!!

  31. Merel says:

    This is great! Well done!

  32. Jen Berendt says:

    I think the pinecone fairies are cute, would love to make some.

    I loved the dragons for chinese new year.

  33. OneMommy says:

    Congratulations! How exciting!!

  34. OneMommy says:

    Oh, and I forgot — I love all the cardboard tube crafts, always a favorite around here. We’ve done a lot of them, but my daughter saw the mermaid, so we will be giving that a go!

  35. HunterKrewe says:

    So many fabulous ideas! How to choose just one… Probably the salt dough beads. My kids love playing with playdough and painting so that’s a combination of both. Of course the Angry Birds Easter eggs would work too with Easter coming up. Lots of ideas that I’m going to be coming back to for summer break.

  36. Emma Clement says:

    Hello :)

    Well done on your book! X

    We’ve been doing some of your handprint A-Z’s – we use them for birthday card ideas :)

    Emma x (@beachpebble)

  37. Kirsten says:

    I am so excited for you, but sad for me. I live in the U.S. and it doesn’t appear that I can get it through Amazon. It shows September 24, 2013, but there is no option to pre-order. I did add it to my wish list in the hopes that I will be able to get it when it gets a little closer. I love your website and am crossing my fingers that I can eventually get your book. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for all your wonderfully brilliant ideas you share with us!

  38. jen says:

    Congratulations on the book! You have so many great ideas. We’re going to do the Tissue Paper Chicks and Angry Bird Easter Eggs in the next couple of weeks!

  39. Laura says:

    I love the fingerprint chicks and penguins, such a cute clever idea and allows you to keep such cherished moments as they grow! Would love a copy of the book, I love your ideas! Good luck with it, I am sure it will fly off the shelves.

  40. Melissa D. says:

    Stone ducks for sure(: My kids are always collecting rocks! I keep checking my cart on Amazon to see if your book is available yet.

  41. Will hold out to see if I win a copy but will definitely buy one if not!
    We have tried so many ideas like lavender bags, butterfly mobile, grass heads, printed wrapping paper and pipe cleaner bracelats. But I want to have a go at edible books and the marble run!

  42. Katie says:

    Congratulations on the Book! Am totally itching to do the Banksy inspired art. I’ve got the stencils and spray ready. Just waiting on no wind/no rain and time!

  43. Penny says:

    The classic Easter egg nests, because we are coming up to Easter obviously. Gosh, it was hard to choose. There’s so many brilliant crafts to get excited about.

    Congratulation on your book, it’s very inviting and I’d so love to win one!

  44. emma says:

    Well done Maggie – it looks absolutely awesome! You every right to be proud. Your crafts are always fantastic.

  45. Jennifer says:

    Too many to choose from, which is why I hope to win!!!

  46. Amie says:

    I will be using your Autumn Sensory box as an idea to create one in our home. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book, very sad when I found we couldn’t get one in Australia…yet!

  47. I love all of your crafts and can’t wait to get my hands on your book! With Easter around the corner, I think we’ll be trying the Angry Bird eggs – my son is rather fond of those little birds.

  48. jodi says:

    What a wonderful book, I would love more inspiration for craft activities at playgroup and also at home. Upcycling is fantastic for kids to learn about, and of course creating and having fun whilst doing it!! I love craft books with bright vibrant pictures, and can’t wait to get a copy here in Australia (unless I am lucky enough to win!!) Congratulations!

  49. Carrie says:

    Well,I already made a pirate ship (and have orders from my daughter to make a pink one next) and would love to try the cotton wool lambs for Easter. Thank you for this chance!! Congratulations on getting it published!

  50. Nicola Law says:

    Have tried quite a few of your fab ideas, looking forward to experimenting with the melted crayon on eggs this Easter and really love your Chestnut spider webs. Well done on the book :-)

  51. Melinda says:

    I would be more than happy to have a copy of your book…. your blog is very nice, and thank you so much for it!
    keep going!

  52. Kim G. says:

    I want to try mermaid clothespins! Thank you for the giveaway!

  53. Alicia says:

    We have tried your clever idea of apple printing with pegs. With Easter coming up- the spotty eggs are next! Thanks for the chance to win what looks to be a fantastic book! :)

  54. SewBertie says:

    I love you’re kids crafts and use them often for inspiration to pitch activites at the levels I know my kids can do – and a messy level I can live with!

    Most recently we’ve made snakes for chinese new year and we’ve also used some of your hand print designs.

    Next up are Angry Bird Eggs!

    I’d love to win your book to do make more with my kids

  55. I think we’ll give the potato printing a go!

  56. ALL of your crafts are brilliant! We have made quite a few but recent favourites were the Chinese Lantern which we did for part of my daughters homework surrounding Chinese New Year and i sent her teacher the link to the lovely little snakes and the whole class made them!

  57. Kate says:

    Congratulations Maggy. You deserve all that comes from your brilliance.
    I will be making your cute little yellow ducks for Easter. :)

  58. Danielle says:

    Love the mermaid tube project and the pirate boat one. definetly will try those ones out with my kids!

  59. jodi says:

    I meant to add that I LOVE the pipecleaner elves with the mushrooms, I will definately be getting the kids to make these at playgroup for our fairy garden!!

  60. Kari says:

    I love the Chinese Lantern Fairy Lights – can’t wait to make them! Also, love your post about exploring street art and Banksy!

  61. Cecilia says:

    I love the tissuepaper eggshell easter chicks and I think my three year old daughter would love them too. The book looks fantastic and I would be so happy to win it.

  62. Nicole Delp says:

    It’s hard to choose just one, but since i have to i’m going with the abc handprints. I did a similar one with a calendar as a gift for grandparents and i think this would be a cute one to keep! And i think it would help learning abcs too…more personal to look at :)

  63. Amy says:

    Must make the Space Invaders bead project with my kids for their dad.
    Also, I think my daughter would enjoy making and using the nature bag! Great ideas.

  64. Brandie says:

    We tried the homemade finger paint and had a lot of fun with it! So many other great crafts I’d love to try out with my two little ones!

  65. Jessica says:

    I would love a book like this!

  66. Mhairi says:

    I would love a copy of this book, especially if it has the handprint alphabet in it. I love this idea and would love to create this for my children with their hands.

  67. Jem says:

    Def the robots!!

    I grew up in the UK but I’m now living in the US, these are the crafts I remember doing that I want to do with my little girl!! I wish we could get the book here, hopefully soon!

  68. Deborah Phethean says:

    We’re always being inspired by your posts. Out favourite were the alphabet hand paintings ( we tweeted you a flamingo a while back). Next is the castle tidy, I think as an old ice cream box just isn’t working for us anymore.

    I wish you lots of success with the book.


  69. Julie says:

    I love those fimo flowers – very simple for a child to make but they look very good.

  70. Carmel says:

    I love the salt dough dinosaurs! The only problem we had was that both children wanted purple dough- and both had to make their own! We ended up with so much purple, I had to make another batch! Good luck with your book!

  71. I have craft fear! However, this book looks so great and I’ve read such positive things I think that winning a copy could cure my phobia. I love the look of the easter nests (is that craft or cooking? I am a glutton and could easily consume a whole tray). However, I have 4 loo rolls saved – so either loo roll pirates – I can do that and if I am feeling brave I may even make a pirate pet for them from the loo roll zoo animals.

  72. Julia says:

    We made de bauble cards, the chinese lanterns, the photoframes, handprint animals,…

  73. Alex says:

    we have made the wrapping paper for various occasions, we like that you can personalize the gifts.
    next up is the robots

  74. Esther says:

    Congrats Maggy! We love all your kids crafts especially the cute chestnut crafts! My favorite one to try is the walnut mouse racing!

  75. The little walnut mice are adorable! :-)

  76. The potato paper (you know what I mean), the homemade wrapping paper, that should be easy enough for clumsy old me! I’ve actually been meaning to try it for a while

  77. Kath V says:

    love them all but my girls love handprints so that might be the best place to start (especially as one of their names begins with A, so it makes sense!)

  78. The mermaid clothes pins look great fun! Lara would love those, will have to have a go.

  79. Pinkoddy says:

    Hard one as I love so much. Do love the trh sheep we have already made

  80. Jenny says:

    No bake gingerbread houses are on our to do list for this year!

  81. GeorgieR says:

    We are making a time capsule this year. So easy to just pop things into the jar. And the loo roll monsters look like fun. We need to use up all of those loo rolls I have been saving for just the right project! The book looks wonderful

  82. JodieMcA says:

    Toilet roll santas – we love toilet roll craft AND we love Christmas!!

  83. Kandace says:

    I’d like to try the bubble wrap painting — any of the 4 seasons. My kids love bubble wrap and paint, probably equally. :)

    Congratulations on the book! What an accomplishment!

  84. The Animal Handprint Alphabet looks fantastic!

  85. Melania S says:

    Love the glow in the dark eye ball stones!! So cool!

  86. Candace G says:

    I love the paper chain snakes. I think my son would like it as he really likes to cut and glue! The idea of salad spinner painting is also pretty cool. Must try!
    Thank you.

  87. Eileen Teo says:

    Love the making of snake. I should have use that to teach my children during Chinese New Year period!

  88. Sian says:

    What a beautiful book : )
    I’ve a soft spot for the alphabet handprints : )

  89. Jolene G says:

    We have already made different homemade wrapping paper – so cute and fun! I would like to try the Angry Bird Decorated Eggs – my son would love this!

  90. Jennifer says:

    We’ve done potato stamping, but am also loving all the little tp tube people. So sweet!

  91. Terri says:

    You know I love your projects and have tried several already! I’m thinking those clothespin mermaids would be a perfect one to try… my girls would play with them for hours!

  92. Susan Mann says:

    I’ve pre-ordered. x

  93. Leah says:

    I love the edible books and know my toddler would too. One of these days I will give it a go! Congrats on your book.

  94. I had done the mermaid clothespin crafts with my preschooler last year and they loved it! Also, I have been wanting to make the balloon stress balls for the kids I know work with (I work currently with kids with autism and a lot of them have behaviors in which the stress balls can be helpful. Thanks for this giveaway, and congrats on the book!

  95. I love your dot eggs. I’ve been looking for an easy way for my 2 year old to decorate Easter eggs this year, and I think this is it! Thanks for the idea. Congrats on the book…I hope I win one :).

  96. Roopa says:

    I love love your handprint arts! Have tried many of them and also the mini-ginger bread house. Would love to win a copy of ur fab book!

  97. Oh, so many fun activities & crafts! I have yet to attempt paper mache with my girls and those grass heads have been on my to do list since I saw them last year. I could go on but those are my top 2! Fingers crossed for winning the book – would be great for our summer bucket list :)

  98. Crystal says:

    Congrats! We have made paper lanterns and wrapping paper before. I’d love to make the penguin fingerprint cards. That could be our card for this year…even if I use my own prints!

  99. Jenny Eaves says:

    My little one has been collecting rocks so think we need to try your rock monster craft! Fingers crossed I win! :) x

  100. Michelle says:

    I love the wild things masks! Look forward to seeing the book!

  101. Katie says:

    I’m going to try the Alphabet handprints – My 26 month old loves painting his hands so this is a way we can do more than just coloured handprints on a bit of paper!
    I’d love to win your book as i have 10yr old step son who lives 500 miles away who’s mother isn’t very hands on with him so when he comes down we do lots of crafts this is a great book of ideas x

    Keep up the good work

  102. Bek Straughan says:

    Love love love the look of your book! How exciting!!! Would love to win a copy. I love the toilet roll crafts, all of them! I constantly save them but we’re yet to make something! A see a new population starting!! I love the loo roll monsters best I think!! :-)

  103. Gina B says:

    I cannot wait to buy this book! I love that my 2 year-old daughter will give me a perfect excuse to make all the cool looking stuff in this book! Brilliant! :)

  104. Congratulations – I will have to buy this :)

  105. Fiona says:


    We’ve made the pipe cleaner men and the pine cone fairies – next on our list are the stone pets . . .

  106. Maria says:

    From Argentina, huge fan… books like yours shuold be translated and given to every toddler mum around the globe! I volunteer to translate 😉
    the act I can´t wait to try is the Autumn Leaf Marionette Birds! it has a bit of everything, recycling, going outside to search for elements, painting and pretend play… just awesome!

  107. Aussie Mum says:

    The book sounds great and I’m always searching for new craft ideas for my 3 boys. In our house we are big on making cards and wrapping paper when giving gifts. Cookie cutter or potato prints are popular options. I think we will have to try the pine cone people thought they look like fun.

  108. Jessica H says:

    We are going to do your pinecone fairies soon! Can’t wait!

  109. Georgina says:

    We have made the Christmas baubles – perfect for slipping into Christmas cards for sending overseas! I am keen to try any of the alphabet handprints and the DIY wrapping paper. Good luck with book sales!

  110. Robyn says:

    Love the stone pets and butterfly mobile, can see me doing spotty eggs this year and easter hats when the kids are at school…nature bag looks like one I made when tiny, so will probably try that too! ( Also love sock monkeys from your blog, much loved by the kids I’ve made them for!)

  111. Leona says:

    As a mum of two (soon to be three) always on the lookout for new ideas. My boys (age 2 and 3) love making the things on your blog. We are currently working our way through the animal handprint alphabet! Congratulations on the book, it looks fantastic. Would love to win a copy. Best of luck with it!

  112. Ruth says:

    The stick men, definitely. We have done a few of the things here or improvised around what we have been doing in the week. Stick men definitely, we are going away in a couple of weeks after the easter chocolate mayhem and we’ll be taking the bag of googly eyes with us: nature table and stick men.

  113. Rachel says:

    I am so excited for you and your book! I would love to have a copy!!! Your little Cork Santas are one of my FAVORITE crafts you have shared. I would love to make these for our holiday decorating next year!!

  114. Marisa says:

    I think we’ll try out the colour spinner! That will be fun! :)

  115. Veens says:

    Awesome. Please enter me for your fabulous giveaway! And I really do wish it was available easily here :) (in India)

  116. Veens says:

    Sorry for the double comment – but we are getting ready to make your robot cards =) thank you :)

  117. Chelsey says:

    What have I not done from your site? You are one of my ‘go to’ sites for ideas! We always love your homemade gift wrap ideas! So excited about your book!

  118. alison says:

    Cute ideas. I like the wrapping paper

  119. Kay-Lynn Pack says:

    We are going to be making the lion head next week and the lamb the week after. So cute for March’s in like a lion and out like a lamb.

  120. Suja Balaji says:

    Oohh. Would love to make those pinecone fairies, clothespin mermaids, all your paper roll crafts. We love the last one. Your book looks amazing.

  121. Caroline says:

    Would love to win the book! My favourite has to be the Marzipan Good Luck Pig – very lucky if you’re from Germany or Austra! My daughter would most likely turn it into an elephant with upturned trunk as those are extremely lucky if you’ve spent time in Poland!!
    Fingers and toes crossed!
    Caroline x ps well done you!!

  122. Fiona Martin says:

    I’d love to try the paper bag masks – they look really good and I’m sure my 2 would have lots of fun with them.

  123. Corinne says:

    It has to be the paper chain snakes, my boys love snakes at the moment!

  124. Kristine says:

    I love the potato print wrapping paper but I think the thumbprint chick cards will be our weekend project :).

  125. Shelisa says:

    I can’t wait to try the Grass Heads!

  126. Viv Smith says:

    I love the Easter Chicks card I’ve got this on Pinterest and hope to do this very soon.

    Congratulations on the book – such a great acheivement xo

  127. Probably the Animal handprint alphabet, he loves animals!

  128. I am incredible proud of you!|!!!
    It looks super great!

  129. Irena says:

    Greetings from Croatia! I’ve been following you for a while, so we’ve tried a lot of your ideas, like toddler paint, hosting cars party or numerous stuff including TP roll. We also intend to make a castle using TP rolls and to paint rocks in our garden. The rocks are the ones I especially look forward to!

  130. I’m Easter obsessed at the moment so we’re hoping to attempt some spotty eggs (we’re going to cheat a little and use polystyrene ones) and possibly the angry birds ones if I’m feeling brave. Good luck with the book. I’m sure it will go brilliantly!

  131. rowena says:

    I want to make that nice doll bed. My daughter needs some new doll beds

  132. Lisa Dyson says:

    Congrats!! Love the airplane from the toilet paper roll and so many more!!! Thanks! (From the US)

  133. Kerry Graham says:

    We tried the sand art craft yesterday and my daughter loved it. We have lots more of your crafts on our to do list. Would love to win this book, sounds exciting!

  134. Krista D says:

    Looks like you have some great egg decorating ideas :) The Dotty Eggs look so cute

  135. novamom1209 says:

    Must make the pinecone fairies, adorable!

  136. Olivia says:

    Only one? we love them all. This week we’ll try the Tissue Paper Chicks (

  137. anna m says:

    we’ve done the mini lanterns and would love to do the paper mache solar system.
    well done on publishing your book! i remember when i first came across your blog years ago!

  138. sunny says:

    The woodland people. We live by a forest and always thinking of crafts to do with the treasures we bring home.

  139. claire el says:

    I need to do the paper lanterns and tube robot with my girl.

  140. Stephanie says:

    Our family is hosting a Chinese high school student this year, which has been an amazing experience for our whole family.

    We did the toilet roll lanterns with the kids to celebrate Chinese New Year, and they turned out fantastic!

    Thank you so much for such amazing craft inspirations!

  141. Michelle says:

    My daughter and I have made many of your suggestions for tp roll crafts (especially the mermaids, and mini crowns). What I know we will try next is the doll box bed…so many babies, so little beds!!
    Congratulations and I look forward to seeing your book!

  142. Sabelle says:

    I’m going to try Easy Dotty Eggs (so timely!) and will soon try TP Roll Zoo:)

  143. Ajar says:

    we tried a version of the castle desk tidy. Congratulations on your book. Good luck. and we would love to win a copy of your book

  144. Carole says:

    We made the cookie cutter wrapping paper. SO cute!!
    And I’m looking forward to making the grass heads.
    I hope I win a copy of your book!

  145. Milica says:

    My kids and I would have a blast making the Glow-In-The-Dark Eyeballs!

  146. Sorrel says:

    We love your site and even though we only found it recently we’ve already made loads of things – my son is 4 and I love that the crafts are pitched at a level he can achieve and feel proud of. That is what keeps us coming back, and I am certain your book would be an awesome addition to our library :-)

  147. Betti Brighton says:

    Just pre-ordered a copy of your book from Amazon.
    Can’t wait for Easter holidays now to get crafty!
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  148. Joelle says:

    I love the solar system craft and would definitely like to do that with my boys! :)

  149. Katy says:

    I will definitely be using some. Of the ideas using natural objects at brownies for a badge. I also like the toilet castle ideas for school :) can’t wait to read for more ideas.

  150. Dione says:

    I would love to make the snakes out of toilet paper tubes as my son loves snakes! Can’t wait to try it

    I would love to win a copy of your book…congrats!

  151. Julie says:

    We’ll be making the homemade fingerpaints this week!

  152. Melissa says:

    We would love the Santa bowling and Elves. Actually they all look fun. Would love the book!

  153. Melissa says:

    We have made the button snowflakes and would love to make the potato print wrapping paper.

  154. Bill says:

    A book! Well done!!!
    We enjoyed making the paper chain caterpillar (well snake originally but as snakes was not part of her world and caterpillars were…)

  155. rachel says:

    The stick men or the little stone ducks have tickled my fancy! The book looks great!

  156. ana says:

    My girl nees the doll’s bed, several!

  157. michele says:

    This looks great! I’d love to try some of your felt creations!

  158. We do the easter basket snack every year at church with the kids – SO much fun! I would LOVE to try the button snowflakes next year with them – they’re SO cute!!

  159. Simi says:

    Wow just came across your website via Rainy Day Mum looking for ideas to do with my 2 year old. just seen your Loo Roll animal zoo what a fab idea – now I know what I can do with all the empty rolls! thank you

  160. elsie says:

    I just bought some mini clothes pegs so loving the mermaid clothes pins. Book sounds great

  161. Kara says:

    I’d like to try the pinecone fairies for our nature table.

    Your book looks lovely!

  162. pam clouse says:

    I would like to try the felt food for sure !! Felt is so much better than the hard plastic or flimsy plastic food out there ! I love the soft food so much better !

  163. Casimira says:

    Sounds like a fun craft book.

  164. Rebecca Anderson says:

    I’m having a hard time choosing a craft to list here, I want to make so many! I’ll say the fingerprint penguins so I can enter! :) I love your ingenuity!

  165. Cindy says:

    I would love to try the dinosaur soap eggs! What a cool gift for little boys. Congrats on the book. This is my first time visiting your site- I found you via the Imagination Tree. :)

  166. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to try the edible books! Congratulations on your book!

  167. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    Love the footprint book markers

  168. Claire Lemmon says:

    We made the pipe cleaner people on toadstools. Though we made them into pirates, actually little Rough, Tough girl pirates.

    We love your site!

  169. Anna. Villa says:

    Hi there, just have discovered your page from the imagination tree blog… And suddenly felt in love with 😉
    I.m a 2 years old boy mum and a teacher and your page is foing to be a wonderful inspiration.
    Congrats for ur work!!! And we would love to win the book if not we.ll ask for it for a birthday present!!!

  170. Heather says:

    Would love to make the clothes peg pirates. My girls are still quite little but I think we could manage this!

  171. Heidi says:

    So many to choose from but this one is great as we’re always running out of wrapping paper!

  172. Vanessa says:

    I would LOVE to win a copy of your inspiring book! It can be hard at times as i’m a stay a home mummy to find crafts to do with my little one. So to be able to flick through your book and plan crafts to do through the week would really make a difference. We are going to make the Blossom Fairy Lights from egg cartons – this looks like a lot of fun!
    Vanessa & Ayla xx

  173. I love your matchbox stone pets. My little girl also love stones so I can’t wait to do some of these with her.
    I’d love to win the book but have subscribed to your fab blog just in case I don’t win!

  174. Sarah Marsden says:

    We hope to get round to making the stone ducks as our daughter loves the song!! The book looks fab, well done mama!! X

  175. Emma says:

    Huge congratulations Maggy… It’s sitting in my Amazon shopping basket as we speak! :)

  176. Elena Hebert says:

    Congratulations on the book!!! It looks super interesting, I would love to get one!
    My son really likes your pine cone craft, we have a lot of those and he always wants to make different things with them after getting inspired by your pine cone fairies!

  177. Simone says:

    I can’t wait to try the pinecone fairies!!!

  178. Tiffany P says:

    The Edible books! That’s brilliant and absolutely adorable! We are big readers in this family and my kids would love those. Thanks for the giveaway.

  179. Maria Raaff says:

    We are going to make the mermaid clothes pegs tomorrow when I have picked up bits and bobs from our local craft store tomorrow. They will be a big hit. Thank you for the idea! x

  180. Kim Chance says:

    My son LOVES turtles so I can’t wait to make your salt dough turtle fridge magnets! What a cute idea :)

  181. Jo H says:

    Would love to win a copy of your book! I had a good look at your crafts section and found it hard to decide…so many good ideas :) I have a 2 1/2 year old who I think would probably love to make the monster shape cards.

  182. kathy tremblay says:

    Im lovin lots on here. Grass heads on my list at the moment. Looks like a great resource for thr preschool i direct.

  183. Phil Westerveld says:

    I love the salt dough recipe and have made hand and foot prints for mothers day. lovely! hope to win the book!!

  184. I love the Tp roll crafts the most!! We had so much fun making the giraffe. Will send you the pics soon. I’m so so excited for you. Congratulations. I hope to win your book. Can’t wait to try out a lot more of your crafty creations.

  185. I love the blossom fairy lights – they are gorgeous!

  186. Adele says:

    We had a go at your Easter bonnets today!!

  187. Selena E says:

    Wow, so many wonderful ideas! My daughter (17m) and I made thank you cards to give after her first birthday. She loved using stickers, glue, glitter and sequins to decorate the cards, and used crayons to “write” a personal message in each card. I’m trying to find a store of crafty fun ideas to help boost her early learning and creativity, some of your ideas look perfect, and without breaking the bank!

  188. Gillian Flore says:

    The cork boats are next.

  189. Hazel says:

    Hi, I’ve never really commented before but I have been using your blog as a resource for a couple of years. I just could not resist buying the book – just ordered it, really looking forward to it arriving. Like the new look on the blog too!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Hi Hazel, wow that is so lovely! I am so pleased! Thank you for reading my blog all this time and now for buying the book!! I do hope you enjoy it!

  190. Awwww, amazing Maggy! I am so happy for you :-)

  191. jess says:

    did anyone win this book?

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