10+ Cardboard Tube Crafts (Loo Roll Crafts!)

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Over 10 Fabulous Cardboard Tube Craft Ideas Well… it was only a matter of time, before I got together with other crafty bloggers to share our favourite Cardboard Tube crafts (aka Loo Rolls) in another Craft Video. We are having lots of fun creating these craft videos via Google+ “Hangouts and Event” feature – super easy to do and great to “see and hear” bloggers in the flesh! It really brings the different ideas to life and gives you a different way of looking at things! I demonstrate a simple craft and the others share their ideas. And then below the video you will find links to individual blog posts and “how tos” should you require more information!

Cardboard Tube Crafts Video

In order of appearance:

1) Long ago we started our Loo Roll Craft journey with Loo Roll People! We made a Boy and some TP Roll Men… and went from there to TP Roll Pirates and TP Roll Mermaids!  We even have a  very special Captain Jack Sparrow!

2) Me and My Shadow shares her adorable Owl TP Roll Craft and super cute Peacock. Love how she squishes the loo roll into different shapes to suit each bird!

3) Here Comes The Girls demonstrates how their favourite books influence their crafty creation with The Gruffalo and Mouse cardboard tube craft (check out the video – blog link to follow soon) AND a Cat in A Hat Craft and Thing 1 And Thing 2 TP roll craft. Be inspired by YOUR favourite books too!

4) Thinly Spread made some adorable Caterpillars (on the video around the 5min 30sec mark) – lots of colour and fun. Great for kids to explore. She also has a fantastic TP Roll Carollers.

5) Zing Zing Tree created a”Torus shape” and shows how versatile this shape is – make some cool trees, a candle holder, robot arms… lots of creative play (you need to watch the video around the 7minute mark to see these.

6) Kids Chaos and her boys got crafty and made bird feeder TP Rolls – simple to make and look so good you would almost want to eat them yourself!

7) We also made some cardboard tube Giraffe marionettes a long long time ago!

8) Another favourite of mine are these cardboard tube craft Crowns – I just ADORE them…

9) Domestic Goddesque was also supposed be joining us, but unfortunately had the flu! But she has made some fabulous Wind Socks in the past as their cardboard tube craft! So I thought you would like to see that!

10) And finally I share our Loo Roll Castle desk tidy!

Want more? Really? You haven’t had enough ideas? Then check out these 12 TP Roll Crafts on Red Ted Art (which includes some of the above, but I “rounded up” a while back)!

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