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10+ Puzzle Craft Ideas

| May 10, 2013 | 4 Comments

Over 10 puzzle craft ideasWell…. I think you can safely say that we all “have one” – a puzzle with one infuriating little piece MISSING! Argh. So annoying and making the puzzle is just no fun when you know something is missing. So what to do with the remaining pieces? Just throw them away? NO! The crafty bloggers got together again to create a puzzle craft video for you – we have shared WELL OVER 10 Puzzle Piece ideas to get your creative juice going again.

10 Puzzle Craft Ideas Video

As per usual.. in order of appearance:

1) Puzzle pieces made into Snowflake ornaments. I think they are super cute and look rather effective!

2) Puzzle Coaster – love the the look of puzzle pieces – keep them as they are and make coasters… be sure to varnish the coaster to water proof it!

3) Kids Chaos created some wonderful Puzzle Greeting Card PRINTABLES. A perfect one for Anniversaries (or weddings) and a fun one for Monster Parties. Too cute! Nice and easy, just print and create!

4) Zing Zing Tree has a couple of ideas to share – one is a resin puzzles, which are ideal for making bracelets or pendants or a badge. (detailed blog post link to follow! Watch the video in the meantime).

5) Zing Zing Tree also has “larger” resin pieces, which will look great as key rings. Great experminting with resin! (detailed blog post link to follow! Watch the video in the meantime).

6) Crystal made a simple badge – really fun and an accessible craft for kids. I can imagine making these at a play date or party!

7) Domestic Goddesque shares a NUMBER of different puppet ideas. I particularly adore the little baby puppet, as it makes GREAT use of the “puzzle shape”. LOVE that tongue! The caterpillar is brilliant too.

8) Me and My Shadow took some wooden puzzles for durability and created wonderful connecting key rings!

9) Back to Red Ted Art and I share our simple Monster magnets – or keep them PLAIN and just have “puzzle pieces” magnets. I think both look great. I think puzzles pieces really lend themselves for creating faces – monsters and aliens are just spot on! Love Zing Zing Tree’s idea of creating a whole frame of monster faces (as mentioned in the video). (detailed blog post link to follow! Watch the video in the meantime).

10) Finally, we created some Puzzle Spring Art – perfect for blossoms and leaves and I think it also lends it self well for exploring the other four seasons! (detailed blog post link to follow! Watch the video in the meantime).

So.. never lament the loss of a puzzle pieces again.. but get puzzle crafty instead!

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  1. Leah says:

    Hi! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. Please check it out! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day

  2. aulpn says:

    I get the larger puzzles pieces and sometimes I paint them, sometimes not. I decorate them into little dolls and decorate gifts, make into pins to decorate your lapel, or string them to decorate a tree or window!

  3. beth says:

    Fun ideas. Here’s a couple more. Barrettes: glue colorful pieces onto hair clips/barrettes or brooches. Or paint them and ad embellishments. Another idea drill small holes in some and string them on colorful cord w/ beads of choice in between for a fun necklace. And Another. If you have large puzzle pieces and they can be made into ID tags for children to wear around their necks on trips. They are fun and most kids I believe won’t mind wearing them when they can choose the piece. Ex: Someone’s head, an animal, a favorite object of the puzzle, etc. Put all necessary information on the back: name, contact info, etc. I recommend covering it w/ something to save it from accidents like water play, etc. Have fun.

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