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Valentine’s Day Crafts – Heart Mailbox

| January 30, 2014 | 2 Comments
heart mailboxes

31 Days of Love

Hello to Kristina from Toddler Approved who brings us a gorgeous “Valentine’s Day Mailbox” a great Valentine’s Day Decoration and wonderful activity to do with the kids! I can’t believe that this is the END of 31 Days of Love series! This month has been simply amazing. With so many wonderful and different Valentine’s Day posts! We have had gorgeous Valentine’s Day CardsValentine’s Gifts and Valentine’s Day Treats. So many ideas to keep you all very busy!

This 31 Days of Love series that Maggy has put together is amazing. We are so excited to be participating! I’m Kristina of Toddler Approved! On my blog I share all sorts of movement & learning activities, crafts, and parenting tips that stem from our crazy life with my three kids (ages 5,3,1). Right now we are sharing a lot about kindness and love because we’re in the middle of our annual 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge.

As part of our kindness challenge we are trying to find ways to be kind to one another while also decorating our house for Valentine’s Day. Last week I heart attacked the kid’s bedroom doors with paper hearts while they were sleeping and this week we decided to make heart mailboxes. This way we can write each other secret love notes and have cute decorated doors too!

Materials needed for heart mailboxes:

  • a big cardboard box
  • paint
  • marbles
  • big hearts made out of poster board
  • stapler
  • markers
  • packing or painters tape
  • stickers

How to make heart mailboxes:

To start I cut out two giant hearts for each child and we decorated one side of each pair of hearts with some marble painting.

If you haven’t done marble painting before I highly recommend it! Just put your large paper heart in a cardboard box, drop some paint into the box, and then add a marble or two. Move the box around and around to get the marbles moving and painting your paper!

marble painting hearts

Once you’ve gotten your heart poster board sufficiently covered, let it dry.

heart marble painted mailboxes
After our boards dried we stapled two hearts together around the edges and we left the top part open… like a mailbox or pouch! We’ve made paper plate mailboxes before but these ones were extra fun because they were so colorful and because they were heart shaped! Each child added their name to the front of their heart mailbox and then we hung them on their bedroom doors using sturdy tape.

making heart mailboxes

As you can imagine, the kids were super excited to start filling the mailboxes with treats and love notes!

marble heart painted mailboxes

The kids secretly snuck love notes and little treats into the mailboxes for each other and had so much fun opening them up and sharing them with one another. There were lots of little hugs too. It was positively darling.

love notes for siblings 
The kids are now adamant that my husband and I need to make our own mailboxes so that they can sneak us some love notes as well. I am excited to set up a love note letter writing center and see what other fun surprises the kids stick in the mailboxes over the next few weeks!

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  1. kerry jones says:

    These are really gorgeous, I will be making these with the kiddies thats for sure, thanks for sharing xxx

  2. kristina says:

    Thanks so much for letting me participate in this fun series!!

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