DIY Valentine’s Mailbox Ideas for Kids

Oh yes, as Valentine’s Day hurtles towards us this February… there is no more FUN Kids Valentine’s Day Craft to make than a DIY Valentine’s Mailbox Idea for Kids!!!

This is a lovely Valentine craft, especially for those of you that work in a school where everyone gives everyone a card!! Then you really do need a cute and easy Valentine’s Day Mailbox to make with the kids. But a Valentines Box is also a sweet craft to make at home with your toddlers and to celebrate with toddler friends and family.

We have scoured the web for the cutest and fun box decorating ideas – creating a set of extravagant or quick and easy designs and tutorials.. so you can choose whatever suits your needs!! So if you are looking for love bugs, cute monsters, handprint decorations or simple paper hearts decor, there is something for everyone. Here we go..

What is a Valentine’s Day Box?

A Valentine’s Day Box is basically a way to both decorate for Valentines, as well as for children to collect Valentine’s Cards anonymously from their friends and family. It is a fun addition to any class party, or if you are celebrating at home with Family and siblings.

As with any art and craft projects, crafting is a fun activity to do together, but is also fabulous for helping you develope those fine motor skills.

What should I put in My Valentines Mailbox?

There are lots of fun things you can put in a Valentine’s Mail box:

What supplies do I need to make a Valentine’s Mail Box?

Most Valentines Mail Boxes are made, well from a cardboard box! Cereal boxes are great, as are shoe boxes.. but of course you don’t HAVE to make your Valentines Box in that way. There are also fun ways to make a mailbox from paper plates or even just paper! So, for the basic box:

  • Cardboard box
  • Shoe box
  • Cereal box

Then you can go off and have lots of fun with decorating the boxes and using embellishments – such as:

  • paint or paper to wrap the box in
  • construction paper to add features (e.g. puppy dog eyes or heart shaped details)
  • Stickers
  • Pom poms and ribbon
  • Tissue paper
  • Heart shape doilys
  • Pipecleaners (for love bug anntenae)
  • Cute washi tape
  • Eco friendly glitter is always fun too

In short – rummage round your art box supplies and work with what you have! Don’t go out and buy anything new. This is meant to be a super cute and easy craft, as well as thrifty! Great art projects for kids of all ages this Valentines!

Great Valentines Box Ideas for Kids

Whether you call them Valentine’s Mailboxes or Valentine’s Card Holders.. these DIY Mailboxes are just perfect Valentine’s.. get the kids to make these and collect their classroom Valentine’s Cards. The perfect way to hold onto those lovely cards! If you still need to make some Valentine’s Cards to send in with your kids, do not fear.. we have a fantastic selection to browse in our Valentine’s Day Card section.

Let’s begin with the Valentine’s Day Mailbox ideas on Red Ted Art

We have three adorable Post boxes for Valentines for you to check out! They are great for the different ages groups and all encourage kindness, sharing and writing skills!

  • Cereal Box Mailboxes for Valentine’s Day – this is a great craft, as you can use up any odds and ends in the craft box. The kids especially love the stickers, which are especially great for fine motor skill development.
  • Heart Mailbox – this is a great process art project that kids will love to engage in and all you really need is to paint (check out the fun process) and make a paper heart!
  • Super cute LEGO Mail Boxes (and printable gift boxes) – who doesn’t love LEGO? A great way to engage kids who adore working with LEGO and building blocks!

And super fun Valentine’s Box ideas from around the web

Now it is time from some fabulous ideas from around the web:

Inspirational Valentine Craft ideas to work on going forward

We haven’t made these yet.. but here are some ideas we are thinking about going forward…

  • e.g. two paper plates stuck together (with a slot open at the top) could work really well as a basketball valentine’s box, or soccer ball mail box
  • e.g. maybe use a shoebox and decorate it into a Llama valentine’s box and have it as a desktop mailbox – having said that, my lovely blogger friend over on Make it Your Own has one already! Let’s maybe not reinvent the wheel!
  • e.g. cut up tissue paper into small pieces (great for practicing those cutting skills) and glue onto a shoebox to decorate it – add large white eyes and you have yourself a simple Monster Valentine Box

For more great Valentine’s Day Card Ideas – check out this extensive collection, with lots of great homemade card making DIY ideas! From super simple cards to fun and easy pop up heart cards, that kids of all ages will love!

As well as great Valentine’s Day Cards for Preschool of you are looking fo rmore easy Valentines Day Crafts ideas! You will find some really great easy preschool crafts here: