12 Music Craft Ideas

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So… as may know, we have been making “craft videos” with other crafty blogs this past few weeks and thought a great craft for a video – would be MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Crafts – afterall, not only do you get to see them that way, but HEAR them too. PERFECT. So we share with you today 10 musical instrument crafts to inspire you to get crafty and musical in one. There are a couple of extra crafts linked below that are not in the video, but were supposed to be, so I thought I would share them anyway!

12 Music Crafts for Kids

12 Musical Craft Ideas

(sorry the beginning seems to have “cut short” automatically) And here the links in chronological order: DIY Maracas - thrifty crafts shake 1) Egg Maracas and Egg Shakers – nifty thrifty musical craft. Make it from bits and pieces from around the home! 2) A quack quack whistle – super simple but fun craft by Playful learners, will get the kids giggling for sure! music craft ideas 3) Kids Chaos shares their simple bottle top clacker/ castanets  I LOVE these and they are SO on our to do list! A perfect addition to our Bottle Top Craft Hangout! 4) Blue Bear Wood shares their fun bottle instrument – it is finally tuned and we even hear a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle little star in the video! 5) Craftulate has a fun and super simple Paper Plate Tambourine. Love it. Great how you can make it “easier or trickier” to make (aka noisier too!) depending on the age group. 6) Crystal had some technical issues, but we got to briefly see her wristband jingle bells, and of course you can read all about them on her blog post too! Fairy Wand Real Close Up 7) Love Me and My Shadow’s “Blue bell” Fairy Wand! Perfect for this time of year and so whimsical. Kids Cardboard Guitar 8) Finally (on the video), I share our new Guitar craft – we had great fun making and the kids loved colouring it afterwards! tin can drums 9) Many moons ago, we also made some Tin Drums – you can imagine what these sound like – nice and noise! 10) Finally, we have the Domestic Goddesque, who was supposed be joining us at the hangout, but her little darlings wouldn’t go to sleep in time … so please hop over to look at her Chinese Drums!

In addition we have the following music crafts for you:

musical instrument crafts


11) A BEAUTIFUL set of DIY music crafts featrued on Fun Crafts Kids.

Bottle-Xylophone 12) Bottle Xylophone over at Life At The Zoo. Tin Can Crafts - Drums and shakers - 5 minute craft 13) Simple Tin Can Drums. If you liked these ideas and want MORE, check out this hugely popular Music Craft round up (no video though, just photos!! I think the above video, really is wonderful for hearing how well things work!). Musical instrument craft ideasIf you enjoy these craft videos, check out my YouTube channel or the Craft Video tab on the site for more!