Butterfly Canvas Craft


We love Butterfly Crafts and spring really IS taking it’s time to arrive this year, isn’t it?! If you a tired of the cold, wet and dreary weather, why not take the opportunity to brighten up your home and bring a little Spring indoors? Here are some ideas for you and your family to enjoy. We turn to Paper Crafts for inspiration and make these lovely Butterfly Canvas Craft. So cute.

Spring Crafts

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Art for Spring

Materials: a plain canvas, coloured paper or light card stock, scissors, PVA glue (or a hot glue gun), ruler

Brighten up your family area with some Butterfly Art. It complements well any other Spring decorations you may have up (similar to our Spring Tree in the image above). Very easy to make, it just requires a little cutting patience. It is based on our Butterfly Mobile that we made with the all the family.

1) Download our butterfly template – you will have to resize it to fit your needs. I did this by adjusting the jpg in a word document.

2) Cut out your butterflies. The neatest way of doing this is to use HALF a butterfly template. Take your paper, fold a strip with the help of a ruler to get a nice crisp edge. Place the buttefly template on top – the inside of the butterfly aligned with the crease. Draw around it and cut. You can then unfold the crease and you have a perfect butterfly.

3) Here we cut 25 butterflies – 5 of each colour. You could cut additional ones for your Spring Tree too.

4) Arrange on your canvas. With the pencil mark out the positions of your butterflies. Then glue in place by adding a little glue to the “spine” of you butterfly and gently holding in place.  I found a hot glue gun easiest to manage, but some PVA will do fine too.

Butterfly Art

And done.

I originally wrote this for Tesco Magazine.

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