11 Fun DIY Projects Made from Household Goods

The great thing about do-it-yourself crafts is that you don’t have to be a master engineer to have fun with them. As long as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and maybe deal with a little glitter stuck to your eyebrows, you can create all kinds of unique trinkets to use and display in your home. Here are just 11 ways to repurpose your household goods into something new.

11 Fun DIY Projects Made from Household Goods

1. Egg Carton Centerpieces

Egg Shell Vase - super simple and sweet

Don’t think of egg cartons as one big items. Think of them as a dozen individual items that can be cut, dyed, folded, bedazzled and glued in creative combinations to make eye-catching centerpieces. For example, you can build an egg carton rosebush by painting the pieces red and folding them like flower blossoms.

And of course, don’t forget to use the egg shells themselves too!

2. Ice Tray Soaps

Gifts Kids Can Make - Bath Bombs without Citric Acid

Broken ice trays may not create ice cubes in perfect squares anymore, but they can still be used for DIY soaps and DIY bath bombs. Simply pour your oils and mixes into the ice trays like they’re cold water you’re trying to freeze, and voila! After a few hours of patience, you’ll have mini-soaps to carry with you during flights and road trips.

3. CD Mosaics

You’ve just found an old box full of CDs and DVDs. They contain media you either don’t care about anymore or have already purchased on updated technology. Instead of throwing away these relics from an ancient time, however, consider cutting them up and using them to create mosaic artwork. They’ll be equal parts beautiful and resourceful!

4. Wine Bottle Candle Holders

If you’re wondering what to do with that leftover wine bottle from your last dinner party, try turning it into a candle holder. The prettiest kinds are made with dark bottles and long white candles that provide a nice color contrast, but you can experiment with all sorts of combinations and colors. You can also let the wax freely dip down the bottle for a one-of-a-kind look.

5. Salt Dough Party Favors

Button Salt Dough Hearts

This is an easy craft to get ready in minutes. Make your own Salt Dough and make it into decoration; you can use them for holiday presents, gift bags and even party favors at weddings and baby showers. Best of all, since you’re making them at home, you can customize your favors with whatever messages or designs you’d like. We adore the simplicity of these Salt Dough Hearts!

6. Paper Mache Balloon Lanterns

We have many paper mache projects for you to explore… but here is how you would make a simple Balloon Lantern. Blow up a balloon and cover it with a special mixture of glue, paint and twine (better still, make some homemade paper mache paste – it is easy and very strong!). Let it dry. Then gently insert a needle into the “skin” of the balloon so it will pop and fall away but leave your lantern intact. Congratulations! You’ve just made a balloon lantern, and now that you’ve got the hang of it, you can make them in dozens of shapes, sizes and colors.

7. Bleached Clothes

Bleach sticks can be used for more than just stubborn stains. For example, you can write and draw words, pictures and patterns on dark t-shirts and sweaters; you can also add a little pizazz to old jeans by streaking them or writing messages down your legs. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you uncap the bleach. It isn’t a chemical that easily forgives mistakes!

8. Recycled Seed Starters

garden activities for kids

The next time you buy juice cartons or ice cream tubs, don’t throw away the empty container. They make wonderful flowerpots and seed starters! All you have to do is fill them with soil, seeds, beans, roots or whatever other plants you’d like. Then put them in the sun and remember to water them regularly. What sprouts next will bring a touch of green to any room.

9. Suitcase Pet Beds

When that zipper just won’t go around your suitcase anymore, consider turning it into a bed for Fido. You’ll need to remove the hinges so that it doesn’t accidentally close on him, but once you’ve seen to the technical details, it becomes a fun project involving fluffy pillows and cushions to make sure your furry friend is comfortable in his new accommodation.

10. Crafting with recycled Shoe Boxes

30 Wonderful Shoe Box Craft Ideas

Cats love empty shoe boxes, and it turns out they might be onto something. Shoe boxes can be painted and decorated just about any way you’d like, and once you have several, you can use them as everything from cupboards to bookshelves. Just make sure you reinforce them if you plan on using them to support heavy weights.

Whether you’re a longtime arts-and-crafts fan or just a thrifty parent looking for new ways to repurpose old goods, these are a few ideas you can use to turn everyday household objects into fun and creative mementos. The only limit is your imagination!