30 Shoe Box Craft Ideas


Oh I am a bit of a hoarder of Shoe Boxes.. I don’t know what it is about them, I just love them – they come in that perfect “little size”, you can put things IN a shoebox, shoe boxes stack neatly and they come in all sorts of colours. We particularly shoe boxes, as a gift set packaging – we love to decorate our shoe box and fill it with crafty goodies as birthday presents.. but we also like to craft with them. An in honour of our love for the humble shoebox, we have once again, pulled together a set of wonderful shoe box crafts for you!!! Check out these clever clever ideas – from handy home tidy hacks, to fun toys and games for kids! Which is YOUR favourite shoe box craft?!

30 Wonderful Shoe Box Craft Ideas

Shoe Box Tidies & Gift Sets

shoe box charger station and desk tidy

A great way to keep all those chargers in order.. make your own Charging Station out of a shoebox!

shoe box storage ideas

Clever Ribbon Storage solution!


Shoe box desk tidy!

shoe box tidy ideas

Shoe box erm…. shoe storage!

We LOVE using our Shoebox as GIFT SETS!



Shoe box display boxes

Shoe Box Toys

Cardboard Box crafts - computer (4)

A lovely guest post from Along Came Cherry, sharing this Shoe Box Laptop for kids


Shoebox Pizza OvenDoll in a Box - Gift Set

Self contained “Shoe box toy crafts” – bedroom and storage in one!

shoebox table football

Shoebox Table Football!! What fun!!

Create Shoe Box MONSTERS!

shoebox suitcase

Shoe box suitcase (great for any Paddington Bear fans!)

Shoeboxes as a Learning Tool

shoe box abacus

Shoebox Abacus

shoe box loom

Shoe box paper or ribbon weaving

shoe box weaving

More Shoe Box Weaving! Use fabrics or wool!


Shoebox Instrument

Shoe Box Dolls Houses

Making shoebox dolls houses, is probably one of the most “common” uses for a shoebox craft.. and here we share some cute ideas!

shoebox crafts - dolls house

Shoebox Bedroom

shoe box dolls houseShoebox Dolls House – another bedroom idea.

shoe box take along house

Polka Dot Cafe – so cute to have a cafe for the dolls to go and visit!

ShoeBox Dolls house

I love the idea of creating one shoe box room at a time.. and then bringing them all together to make one fabulously big DOLLS HOUSE! That would make for one of those fabulous “ongoing” projects with your family!

shoebox mouse dolls house

Or go the other way and divide one shop box into little rooms.. a perfect Mouse House!

Shoe Box “Play Scenes”

shoebox my little pony small world playShoe Box Small World Play – My Little Pony.

shoebox story box

Little Red Riding Hood Story Box

shoebox garage

LOVE this little Shoe Box (split level) garage!

Shoe Box Dioramas & Theatres



Shoe Boxes make GREAT Puppet Theatres (especially since you can store your puppets inside!)

Mr Men Egg Decorating Diorama for the School Egg Decorating Competition

Shoe boxes are great for school projects and “Dioramas” – little scenes. Here we have a Mr Men diorama for the School Egg Decorating competition!

shoe box crafts

Artic Box Puppet theatre/ diorama

shoe box acquarium

The “classic” Shoe Box Aquarium!

Sooo, I hope you have enjoyed these shoebox craft ideas and that you are inspired to get GET CRAFTY!!!