3d Back to School Coloring Pages

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We had so much fun with our 3d Bug Paper Crafts in the summer.. that we jumped at the chance of sharing these wonderful 3d Back to School Coloring Pages!

back to school coloring pages

The 3d Coloring Page fun continues, with our collection of 3d Back to School Paper Crafts! This is a set of quirky back to school designs to help students settle back into the classroom in those first few weeks.

Time to do some mindful coloring, help decorate the classroom or bulletin board and quietly exchange summer news with fellow students.

The Back to School themes are:

  1. a pencil pot,
  2. a backpack with school items,
  3. a set of crayons and art supplies,
  4. a pencil rocket,
  5. a pair of school shoes,
  6. a school bus,
  7. a packed lunch (love this one!) and
  8. an open school book (students can add a drawing or writing).

This is a great activity for fine motor skills and to practice scissor handling skills as well as get students back into the routine of sitting in the classroom!

The Back to School Printable pack contains:

  • 8 x one page coloring sheet
  • One page reference with finished look for ALL activities

So a total of 9 pages to download

back to school

Supplies needed for this Back to School Paper Craft

  • 1 Page printable
  • Pens/ colors of choice
  • Glue stick
  • A pair of sissors

There is ONE FREEBIE – the 3d Pen Pot Coloring page. The rest at present these are only available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Though do be sure to subscribe to my newsletter (in the sidebar) as, I will release this as a freebie for a limited time SOON. You don’t want to miss out! Having said that, the Teachers Pay Teachers store is a great way to support this blog and help maintain the website!

full set of printables

Enjoy!! I hope you hvae lots of fun with this simple activity!

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