20 Back To School Crafts & Ideas

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Well, well, well.. for some of us the Summer holidays have all but started, for others, the new School Year is beginning! So get ready for “Back to School” craft ideas. To be honest, they are great activity throughout the holidays (who doesn’t love a bit of stationary?!), as well as the new school year approaches.

Back to school craft ideas. Getting organized for back to school? Need some back to school organization for middle school or younger? Great ideas for both middle school students and parents to brighten up your back to school activities #backtoschool #schoolsupplies #stationery #organization #supplies #diy #middleschool

We already did this theme last year… so if you want even MORE back to school (and the office) craft ideas, take a peak Stationery Craft Ideas:

Back to school craft ideas. Getting organized for back to school? Need some back to school organization for middle school or younger? Great ideas for both middle school students and parents to brighten up your back to school activities #backtoschool #schoolsupplies #stationery #organization #supplies #diy #middleschool

Back to School Crafts 2011

Get a taster of some of these crafts in our 5 School Supplies video running on Auto Play! Enjoy!

Back to School Crafts – Pencil Holders

Pencil & Pencil Toppers

Monster Felt Pencil Toppers

Not only are these adorable Monster Felt Pencil Toppers  for back to school, these little monster pencil toppers are also great for great for as cute Halloween and Valentines Gifts too (Printables to come **soon**). They are SO quick and easy to make, that you can make them for ALL the class or even use them for trick or treating or as a Halloween Party Favour!

stationery crafts

Chestnut Pencil Toppers

We still (!) have some chestnuts knocking around from last Autumn. You can make these with those shrivel chestnuts or with brand new on this Autumn. Both go. Check out the pencil topper post to find out all about the glue you need to use – the glue being key to the longevity of these little critters.

Funky Foam Pencil Toppers from Red Ted Art

Cat Pencil Toppers – so cute!

bunny pom pom pencil topper DIY - a cute, fun and easy craft

ADORE all things POM POM!! Wonderful and easy Bunny Pencil Toppers!x

pencil toppers

Babushka Pencil Toppers

I think these are ADORABLE. I love Babushka crafts (and yet have never actuallygotten round to do any myself, this is my chance!), so I love this set of little Pencil Toppers. Melissa Goodsell tells us how to make them.x

bulletin board

Make your own bulletin board from cardboard and felt! This one is decorated with felt flowers and hearts, but you can make them any design you wish!


DIY Rainbow Unicorn Notebook from a Matchbox

Easy no glue mini notebooks

Super fun mini notebooks made from one sheet of paper and NO GLUE! These can be used for fun subject guides!


Neon Notebooks

Look at these little cuties – they started life as perfectly “ordinary” notebooks and in a jiffy are transformed into a cute little notebook set. Madigan Made shows us how she went about it.

diy notebook

Cereal Box Notebooks

I love these little cereal book notebooks!! When we go on holiday, the kids always get a little notebook for drawings and scribbles. Making our own will be sooo handy! Especially as they love STARTING a new book each time, but don’t necessarily fill it. I am so making these.  From Apartment Therapy!x

jeans notebooks

Denim Notebook

Love the use of these little pockets to hold pencils and erasers. Planet Forward gives instructions.x

Pencil Cases & Pen Pots

No Sew Pencil Roll Up - no sew too! This is a super easy pencil case DIY, that can be used for make up brushes or crochet hooks too! Love that it is no sew and easily customisable

Take a peak at this easy peasy No Sew Pencil Roll Up! Fun and easy to make and also easily customisable!x

Or how about some super duper cute DIY Penguin Pencil Holders? These only take 5 minutes to make! We have a whole RANGE of Pencil Holder DIYs for you to check out – from Pokemon Pen Pots (with printables) to cute Melon and Pineapple Pen Pots! Do check out the full list here!

DIY Tin Can Owls

Similarly we have our Owl Desk Tidies – these are a fun craft and doodle project, perfect for that Autumn/ Fall feeling. They are a super cute project to make with the kids to help you get organised!

pencil case craft

Nom Nom Nom Case

Hopefully both girls and boys alike will love this quirky NomNomNom pencil case! Find the instructions from Artists Helping Children.x

pencil case

Measuring Tape Pencil Case

Love this measuring tape pencil case. What a quirky way to upcycle and will be a sure way to have something “original” at school. I so want to make one for when Pip Squeak is older! This great idea is from Punk Projects.x

pencil case crafts

Drinks Package Case

Well.. another great want not waste not project – upcycle old drink pouches. Not really wanting to promote any brand in particular…. but I do know that as a child this would have massively appealed to me. Craftster shares.

pencil case

Zip Pencil Case

Oooh, now the example here is made with some cutsy ribbon too.. but I reckon if you get a bold coloured zipper, this would look fantastic plain too! The Zip idea comes from Craft Passion. Brilliant.x

back to school crafts

Plastic Bottle Cases

Not sure if this is supposed to be a pencil case.. but whever you decide to put in these, I think they are genius! Take a couple of plastic bottles.. a zipper and some imagination…Country Woman Magazine shares more.x

apple gift boxes

A simpler version would be these super quick and easy to make apple gift boxes, for any back to school teacher’s gifts!

Key Ring or Zipper Pulls

Zipper pulls are a fun way to decorate and customise your back pack when heading back to school. They add a fun splash of colour and make it easier to spot your backpack amongst all the backpacks (especially if you like to buy hard wearing black or navy coloured back packs). You can easily switch them out over time too! Or add seasonal elements!

Easy Macrame Dolls. Use thick string or paracords or macrame string. Turn these into key chains, zipper pulls etc

Macrame Men! Too much cuteness!

Paracord Craft Ideas - adorable dragon flies, look great as hair clips, brooches or keychains

Dragon Fly Key Chains

DIY Purse Charms, make these easy charms in any colour and bead combination to make them just right for you. Great as gifts too

Colourful Zipper Pulls (more fun with pom poms!) Making pom poms and finger tassles is quick and easy and they are a great way to add colour to your zipper pulls. They are lovely and tactile too!

zipper pulls

Bottle Cap Zipper Pulls

My son has only been to nursery so far, but already he LOVES key rings and all things “Zipper Pully”. He will ADORE these super hero bottle cap zipper pulls for sure. A tutorial for kids from U Create with Kids.x

zipper pulls

Lizard Lanyard Zipper Pulls

Whilst on the topic of zipper pulls… I rather like these little lizards too. Aren’t they adorable? Love this “alternative” bead craft idea. They would make great party favours too!  Crafts for All Seasons shares their pattern and how to!x

zipper pullc rafts

Peg Doll Zipper Pull

I also totally adore this little Peg Doll. How cute to have her as your Zipper pull. You could of course paint the wooden peg superhero or Star Wars style, then finish them as per Lusa Organics to make a zipper pull.x

Best Back To School Bookmark ideas

As you know we are GREAT fans of DIY Bookmarks – they are a fun to make, a great little back to school gift for friends or teachers and a quick and easy way to cheer up stationery. We have two DEDICATED posts of ALL our bookmarks here (over 100 Corner Bookmark Designs!!)

General Creative DIY Bookmark designs (we particularly LOVE the “hug a book” bookmarks… but also have a number of great printable bookmarks for you here)

And as mentioned OVER 101 fantastic CORNER Bookmark designs to discover and make!! Covering all your favourite topics and crazes (so hard to pick a favourite!)

Paper clips

These are adorable little paperclips and so quick and easy to make. Me and My Shadow had a go a these lovelies after spotting some on The Crafty Crow (who doesn’t LOVE the Crafty Crow?!)! Do check out both sites for button goodness!

Other Ideas for Back to School

back to school printables

Have a go at these fun 3d coloring pages for Back to School!

Accessories with these easy DIY Scrunchies. Quick and easy to make – perfect as a BFF Back to School gift idea too!Carton Wallet

back to school

Goodness, I love this wallet – totally genius once again. I do love a clever bit of upcycling!! And how the lid is also the closing mechanism of the wallet. Examiner shares this clever tutorial.x

back to school

Clipboard Oragniser

Oooh this a handy little idea – make a special clipboard with a wallet per child and keep all the important bits and pieces relevant to each child together from Our Big Earth.x

back to school

Pencil Magnets

Or if you rather keep all your information stuck to the fridge, how about some cute pencil magnets? Shared by Silly Eagle Books.x

back to school

 Denim Lunch Sack

Love Inner Child Fun denim lunch sack – not only is it a lovely bit of upcycling (who doesn’t love denim), but I do love the little apple decoration too. Cute!x

back to school

Apple Treat

And… after a hard first day back at school how about this adorable little apple treat? Easier to make than you think! Check out The Idea Room!x

back to school

Pocket Hearts

Last but not least.. aren’t these little hearts just LOVELY! Pop one in your child’s pocket and whenever they have a wobbly moment… they can give it a little squeeze.  From Curly Birds.

Find out more here:

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Hope you found some Back To School inspiration!