3d Easter Animal Craft with Printables

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We have a super cute Easter Bobble Friends Paper Craft for you today. Come and make these cute little Easter decorations with their fun bobbly heads! Choose from the three little Easter characters – a little lamb printable, chick printable and bunny printable. SO CUTE!

The printable is brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources, a website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids.

3d Easter Animal Craft – Bobble Friends

Bobble Head Easter Bunny
Cute 3d Easter Animal Craft to print and make!

We have a fabulous STEAM project for you and your little ones: cute little bobble head paper toys which you can assemble yourself:

  • a bunny,
  • a sheep and
  • a baby chick.

It is a fabulous project not only because bunny, chick and sheep bobble their heads but it allows to explore the topic of Easter whilst developing fine motor skills.

3d spring animal crafts

Educational elements to this cute Easter Printable

We love this STEAM Easter Bobble Friends Paper Craft Project for a number of reasons:

  • You get to spend time colouring and crafting with your kids.
  • You can introduce and explore topics such as Easter traditions and how Easter is celebrated differently or similar in various countries.
  • You can introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours or that of warm & cold colour families while colouring.
  • They are fabulous for fine motor skills (e.g. colouring, cutting out the body parts, making the accordion neck).
  • The accordion fold neck and 3d aspect of this little Easter craft, makes this a great little STEAM project looking at basic 3d shape making and exploring the properties of paper when folded into an accordion.
  • They make wonderful Easter decorations.
printable easter craft 3d

Supplies needed for the Easter Bobble Friends Paper Craft Project:

  • Our free Easter Bobble Friends printable with our sponsors,
  • Paper,
  • Colouring pens, or markers,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue.

Hop on over to our sponsors at Learning Resources and download your free Assemble Easter Bobble Friends Paper Craft printable.

full set of printables

How to make your Bunny Bobble Friend: 

We have the step by step guide below, or check out the video on auto play.

color the fre printable bunny

Take time coloring your 3d printables

1.) Download the printable! Start with colouring in the individual body parts of the bunny.

cut the shapes

Cut out the bunny shapes

2.) When you are done colouring cut out the individual bunny body parts.

accordion fold

Make the bobble neck accordion

3.) Let’s craft the neck for the bunny: Grab the two long strips of paper and glue both ends together at a 90° angle. Wait until dry. Then fold the bottom strip over the top strip of paper. The strips of paper remain at a 90° angle. Keep on folding the bottom strip of paper over the top one until the end of each strip.

accordion fold

Then glue shut the accordion shaped paper so it can no longer unfold.

3d bunny

Make the body folds

4.) Pick up bunny’s body and fold all the dotted lines.

neck fold

5.) Cut both lines where the neck will be and fold as shown in the picture. Press the flap inwards.

3d bobble head animal

Insert the accordion neck to make the head bobble

6.) Add glue to one side of the accordion and place it to the indicated neck area of the main body. Add glue to the back of the feet area and glue it to the other end of the body part creating a triangle.

3d bunny printable moving

7.) Add glue to the remaining end of the accordion and attach the head to it. Done! Woohoo!

Have the most of fun assembling your very own bunny, sheep or baby chick!

More ideas:

  • Add a little Easter chocolate egg/sweet and place “inside’ tummy as little gift or special treat and decoration for Easter lunch.
  • Write a little Easter message on the back of your 3d Animal Craft and use these instead of Easter cards!
  • Keep your bobble friend on your desk to keep you company. Be sure to boop the head every so often for some bobble wobble friend fun!

I hope you enjoy this free 3d Printable Easter Craft that we share with you today in collaboration with Learning resources!

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