Paper Alien Puppet Printables Coloring Pages for Kids

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We do love a fun crafty coloring page! Where you get to have fun coloring AND making a cool craft to play. Our Paper Puppet collection continues, with four fantastic out of this world Alien Puppet Printables! These are part of our Space Puppet Set, but of course can also be made individually!

Come and make these paper alien hand puppets with us!

Alien Hand Puppet Printables

As mentioned, these little Alien Puppets are part of a set of Space Puppets, that you can grab in one go our get individually. The other sets include – 2 Robot Puppets and 5 Astronaut Puppets.

To make your Alien Puppet Coloring Pages you will need:

  • The Alien Printables (see below – there is a freebie included, well.. technically two freebies, as the bonus file has been added to the full set)
  • Printer paper or light cardstocks
  • Coloring pens or pencils
  • Scissors
  • A little glue for the tabs!

This time, I include a “full color alien” as your freebie – simply click the single freebie button and add $0 at check out! For th set of 4 Alien Coloring Pages, visit the Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store or my Gumroad Store (or the Full Set of Printables button).

full set of printables

Or alternatively.. get the FULL Space Puppet Set (Aliens, Astronauts, Robots and Planets bonus file) by clicking on this image:

How to make your astronaut puppets

As with all the finger puppets in this series (check out our Farm Animals and our Jungle Animals), making these finger puppets is really VERY EASY!!! So I have shared our “generic” finger puppet making video again. I hope that that is ok! It shows how to make the Snake Paper Puppet! The steps required are the same!

All you need to do, to assemble this cute Alien puppets, is:

  • Print your favourite little alien character out
  • Color it in – you can have lots of fun with wacky alien colors!
  • Cut out carefully (though you don’t have to cut out every last detail)
  • Fold the mouth part in 3 to create the mouth cavity
  • Cut out the two strips for your fingers
  • Glue the finger strips in place

Make one. Make them all. What do you think they would say to each other or their fellow astronaut puppets? Time for some imaginative play. A fun collectible Space Craft to enjoy in the classroom or at home.

How about some more space crafts here? Including our fun free Articulated Astronaut Puppet?

paper puppets