3D Paper Shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day


Time for a simple St Patrick’s Day crafts combine these with some cute Rainbow Crafts and you are all set for St Patrick’s Day.  So today, we are going to give this simple 3d Shamrock Paper Craft a go!

How to make a simple Shamrock Paper Decoration

Shamrock Craft Paper

A few weeks ago, we made some super simple 3D Paper Hearts and a few of my readers suggested that they would look great as Paper Shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day.. so I thought I would give it a go for you!! What do you think?

To make these 3D Paper Shamrocks you will need:

  • green paper (one A4 sheet used carefully will make 2)
  • a pair scissors
  • stapler
  • a little glue

To make these 3D Paper Shamrocks How To:

You can watch the super simple paper heart video tutorial on auto play. Which is of course also available on my YouTube channel. As mentioned the paper shamrock is made in the same, just you then need to make a little shamrock stem as well and connect your craft into a shamrock!

How to make a 3d Paper Shamrock – step by step instructions!

1) You will need to mkae three “paper hearts” that will be turned into your three leaved clover leaf. Begin by cutting out your paper hearts – make a “wider heart” than usual – as you will staple it in the middle and narrow it back down again. (Watch the video).

It is important that all 3 hearts/ leaves are the same size. Maybe make yourself a template first and practice!

2) Cut a slit down the middle of the heart – approximately half way down. Fold back the flaps and staple in place.

3) Yup, your heart is finished. Repeat and make 2 more for your 3 leaf clover.

4) Cut a strip of green paper (left over from your main sheet). Apply a big blob of white/ pva glue and place the points of your heart on top. Let dry fully. You can even use hot glue if you wish, but as you are working with paper, be careful not to burn yourself!

Paper Shamrock Craft

FINISHED – and that is how easy and quick it is to make this smple 3D Paper Shamrock craft decorations. Lovely!

Enjoy! And wishing you all lots of good luck this Saint Patrick’s Day!

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