Rainbow Crafts & Activities

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So, I think that this is a great time to explore rainbow crafts and activities. We are still stuck in dull, grey winter.. and with the sparkle of Christmas behind us, we need something to cheers us up.

Of course, you have St Patricks Day around the corner and rainbow crafts are great as St Patrick’s Day Crafts too.. or you may want to revisit the post in the Summer.. Rainbow crafts are just great all year round!!!

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Decorative Rainbow DIYs

Rainbow Fun

Edible Rainbows

Rainbows Crafts for Preschoolers

Rainbow Crafts Gifts that Kids Can Make

Happy Rainbow Crafts Crafting!!!!!

More specifically, we have some great St Patrick’s Day Crafts for you to browse too!

Rainbow Crafts Video:

Many moons ago, we also had a fabulous “rainbow crafts hangout”, where you get to “see” some of the rainbow crafts shared below!