3d Robot Printable Craft

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The printable crafts fun continues! As always, I make sure that at least part of this craft is a free printable for you – so I share a Free 3d Robot Printable (make a basic robot for free!), as well as full 15 page set of 3d Robots to print, make and mix and match! I actually think the mix and match element is super fun and provides you with endless possibilities!

3d Robot Printable Craft

The fantastic Lou Lou Zauberwelt and her kids had a go at making our printable and send us their super fun final robots!

These paper robots are definitely a “together project” – super fun for the kids to color and cut, but they will need some assistance in the final assembly. 3d paper projects can be a little fiddly!

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Supplies needed to Build Your Own Paper Robots

  • The 3d Paper Robot Templates
  • Paper or light cardstock
  • Coloring pens/ marker pens/ crayons/ watercolors (whatever you fancy!)
  • A pair of sicssors
  • A glue stick
  • OPTIONAL: some people find a ruler useful to help make the folds!

As mentioned we have a full set of 3d Paper Robot Templates that you can mix and match to build your own robot! It comes as a 15 page printable with 6 different 3d Robot Designs to choose from. We also have a “baby” robot available for free (simply add $0 at check out). Enjoy!

full set of printables

How to make your 3d Robot Craft

As mentioned we have 6 different 3d robot designs to choose from – but you can mix and match them in a way that gives you MANY more robots. Simply choose a robot head, robot body, robot lower body, robot hands and robot feet…… then mix and match to your hearts content!

coloring your 3d paper robots

Begin by taking your time coloring in your chosen robot sections. A combination of washable marker pens, crayons and water colors is great!

cut the 3d robot parts

Once ready, carefull cut out your chosen robot pieces. And make the folds in the right places.

print and build

Now glue them together using your glue stick. This is probably the trickiest part of any 3d paper craft, so patience and support from adult are advised!

build your own robot

Now you can mix and match your robots! You can build a robot that is very tall, or very small. Have lots of fun!

mix and match your build a robot

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And because I simply love sharing more images:

printable girl robot

I think we need to give them all names… Roberta?



Andrew (well why not!)

mix and match robots

Have fun!