Autumn Leaf Crown

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We have some pretty Autumn Leaf Crowns to make for you today! They idea came directly from our sponsors today – Bassetts Vitamins and their Colour Quest Activity Book. Though we love to craft here at Red Ted Art HQ, sometimes, it is nice for someone else to decide what we should do next. We took up the challenge (more below) and had a crafternoon of making Autumn Leaf crowns (we have made a Nature Crown version before, but love this arty leaf rubbing version too…).

Bassetts did some research into Family Life and discovered that 50% of parents were “truly desperate to spend more time together”, whilst 10% said they NEVER spent any quality time together at all (yikes). So to bring COLOUR into families lives they created some fun packed activity pack (read to the end to win your own pack)! These kits have been designed to ENHANCE every day activities (e.g. like walking to school), rather than creating new ones. Making it EASY to spend more quality time together.

Bassetts subscribes to the ethos of “Play together, grow together”, which focuses on the following benefits 

  • Parental attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Social Connection
  • Bond Building
  • Fun
  • Confidence

Spending more time ogether is not just great for the child but for the parents too. 63% of parens say their children remind them how to laugh each day! And 45% say spending time together has helped them overcome a fear of new challenges. We all benefit fro more time together!!

Parents say the distraction of technology (30%) and work (51%) are two of the biggest barries to family time.

So let’s make some time. Put technology aside. Get our handy little kits out and have some fun together.

The idea is simple – roll a colour di – see what it lands on… go to the colour corresponding activity section and pick a challenge – whether it is a delicious fruity smoothy or a crafty craft.. there is something for everyone. We rolled the di and landed on orange… and went for the ROYALTREE golden leaf crowns.

Autumn Leaf Crowns – Materials

  • Go for a walk and find some leaves – mid sized are actually best. This could be a great little activity for the school run – giving you some quality time during a routine daily event
  • Crayons or pencils
  • Paper
  • Stapler or tape

Autumn Leaf Crowns How To

As mentioned, see if you can turn a boring routine school run, or walk to the shops into a fun leaf collecting exercise.. or if you have time begin this activity with a trip the park. Even just spend 5 minutes outside your front door – there may be some lovely leaves there.

Pick the leaves you would like to rub – pick BIG ones, if you want to cut out less, pick medium ones for more colours and variety.

Do your leaf rubbings – top tip – pushing your crayon sideways across your leaf will yield better results. This also applies to pencils – dry and rub them across as FLAT possible. If you use the pointy ends, you will draw over your leaf and not pick up the patterns as well.

Cut out all your leaves. It doesn’t have to be super neat to still look nice. I think ours look like feathers!

Take two strips of paper and fold them in half. The fold is great for two things – you can later slide your leaves into the fold and it also strengthens the paper. Tape the two strips together at one end. Then measure and make sure they fit around your child’s head and secure again.

Now you can insert your leaves into the fold or you can tape/ glue/ staple your leaves in place. We cut the stems of some our leaves – as they fit more snuggly into the fold that way and also gave us a nice variation in size.

And your Autumn Leaf Crown is done!

I think these Leaf Rubbing Crowns would also make wonderful Thanksgiving Leaf Crowns – not only do we like the leaf theme for Thanksgiving, but you could write on the back of your leaves what you are thankful for….

And now.


We have a little give away. If you fancy getting your hands on a Colour Quest Activity Pack (includes, the colour di, booklet, a rainbow pen and some coloured papers) as well a lovely children’s umbrellas shown, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling us one of YOUR favourite family quality time activities!!

We have 10 PACKS TO GIVEAWAY!!! Yes, that is correct – great chances of winning. 10 of you will have a wonderful kit and umbrella for the rainy season!


Good Luck.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Open to UK residence only.
  2. Only one entry per household.
  3. Winners will be selected at random.
  4. The giveaway ends on the 10th October 2017.
  5. The children’s umbrella may vary from the images shown.
  6. Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of Bassetts and not Red Ted Art.