Bee Shooter Craft

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Welllll… now here is a cute little craft – thanks to one of the new mums at our school! I had made “shooters” before – and the kids had a great time playing shooter games  with them. Recenly, the lovely Tinkerlab brought her fantastic new book and this contains some adorable Rocket Shooters – that have been hugely popular with fellow bloggers too. So when our friend made these BEE shooters with the kids at the park, I was totally enchanted. I am so pleased that she was MORE than happy to let us share these little Bee Shooters with you today. The best thing is, you simply design what appeals to you and your kids… Red Ted decided he was making an Alien Shooter.. and then we had a shooting competition – who could puff further!

Bee Shooters - Summer Fun

For the Bee Shooter Craft, you will need:

  • Some straws
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Tape

For the Bee Shooter Craft:

Bee Craft

1) Get your picnic blanket out. Bring out your crafty bits.. and design your shooter character… the kids mainly did bees… but also made the odd alien and monster!

2) Cut out your characters.

3) Take  a second piece of paper. Wrap it around the end of your straw – with about 1cm sticking out over the end. Secure it with tape. Flaten the bit that is sticking out. Fold over and again tape down.

Bee Shooter Craft

4) Tape on your character.. and you bee shooter straw is finished!

Bee Shooters

Make lots more and blow blow blow.. see how far you can get them to .Flying Bee Craft

Aren’t they simply fun? And I love how we made these “on the go” at the picnic. Such a cute little craft to bring along. Big thanks to our friends for entertaining the kids!