Bottle Top Castanets

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Oh these cute little click clack toys or Bottle Top Castanets have been on my to do list simply forever. I first spotted this fabulous little idea many moons ago, when I did a 15 Musical Crafts round up. El Hada de Papel made a cute set, and we so wanted to have a go! And all these years late we did. Aren’t they simply adorable?

Easy Bottle Top Click Clack Toys - make your own Musical Instruments
These castanets were first made in July 2015! And have been republished for your convenience!

I love how with ours, we picked bottle tops with birds on to go inside – as if our little click clack crocodile had just tried to eat a bird… but don’t worry.. he hasn’t succeeded… it will hope out again straight away.So on to our little craft..

Bottle Top Castanets – Materials:

  • Cardbard
  • 2 metal bottle tops
  • Strong PVA Craft Glue – some hot glue guns work but not all are strong enough
  • Googley eyes
  • Paint

And this.. is how easy it is to make Bottle Top Castanets

Watch the video on auto play – scroll down to the same video on YouTube or follow the step by step written instructions here. Enjoy!

How to make Bottle Top Castanets (written instructions):

Time needed: 20 minutes

Making bottle top castanets is super easy and can take as long as or as little time as you like. It is all in the level of detail and how much paint you decide to use/ how long this take to dry!

  1. Cut your cardboard

    Cut out your cardboard – twice the length you want your final castanets to be. Ours is 17cm x 3cm wide. But it is just an estimate!

  2. Decorate your castanets

    You can now decorate your castanets. Use paints, use stickers, use washi tape.. whatever you have handy and depending on the time you have. If painting, let dry!

  3. Fold your cardboard castanet in half

    Find the middle of your castanet and fold in half.

  4. Glue your bottle tops

    You will need good strong glue for the bottle tops (we love Anita’s tacky glue) but a hot glue gun should work as well. Let try fully.

  5. Play and make music

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