Bottle Top Crafts: Bugs, Aliens and a Bunny


Just a very quick post for you today – we had an impromptu bottle top craft session ahead of a “Hangout” on Google+. I had some bottle tops all ready for a the session later in the day and the kids wanted to get crafty. A really “classic” bottle top craft are of course ladybirds (or lady bugs) and aliens. Not surprisingly Pip Squeak (3yrs) wanted to make the ladybirds and Red Ted (5yrs) old wanted to make Aliens. So be it.

Bottle Lid Crafts 

Materials: bottle tops, black marker pen, PVA glue, googley eyes, funk foam (optional)

Depending on what you want to do with them afterwards, you will need cardstock and magnets

 Bottle Lid Crafts Aliens

Draw on your bottle top and glue on your eyes! As easy as that. A super simple craft, that the kids seemed to simply adore.

Bottle Top Craft Card Making

You can take your bottle top and turn into a greeting card…. (just glue it on with PVA glue or a hot glue gun). Done.

 Bottle Lid Craft Magnets

Or you can turn them into fridge magnets – you will have to “fill” the inside of the lid with something – so you can glue you magnet on properly – we just cut 2 circular pieces of card, glued them inside and the the magnet on top of that. You could also use a little air drying clay too. Simple!

Bottle Top Crafts for Boys - Aliens

But my kids just like “playing with them”.

Bottle top crafts ladybirds and bunnies
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