McVitie’s Breakfast Biscuits

Mmmh yes, I have seen the "ads" where "she" eats a McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits for breakfast, whilst "he" eats a greasy bacon sandwich. I know which I would choose… well which I would choose as a treat! A bacon sandwich isn't really a realistic option on a daily basis. I hate to think what it does to my arteries, let alone my waist line.


McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits


I have been curious about trying these breakfast biscuits for a while now, so was pleased to get a sample sent for us to give a go.

The first thing I need to say: they taste nice!! Always a plus. And they certainly do it "for me". Beats eating the kids left overs. I now just need to explain to the kids that these are "different" and "ok" for breakfast, compared your ordinary biscuits!

Secondly… I got The Englishman to eat these. He DOES have a bacon or sausage sandwich at work most days. I am quite horrified at this, as really it is NOT healthy and not good AND also gets quite expensive over time.


Luckily, The Englishman and his colleagues have a "weight loss" competition at the beginning of each new calendar year. The person who loses the most wins the "stake money". It started two weeks ago and The Englishman confessed to me that he hasn't done much about it all yet. So, when I asked him – would he give the breakfast biscuits a go, instead of his bacon sandwich, he was actually up for it!! 

So what did HE think? When he can remember to take them with him (I stick a couple in his coat pocket, he does actually quite like them (his words, not mine). Being a "big sort of guy" (he is tall and broad), one isn't quite enough for him. But hey, if he needs to have two and they settle him for a morning at the office, then so be it. Certainly healthier and better than those greasy spoon sarnies. And you know what? He has actually stayed off those sandwiches. Yes, they have a bet on at work.. but still… he did nothing for two weeks and now he has managed 3 days on the trott with the help of the breakfast biscuits. Whoop whoop.

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