Boxtroll Craft – Make Your Own TP Roll Boxtroll!


Some of you may have already seen the latest Boxtroll movie.. I confess, that we haven’t yet, but a few of their characters have made their way into our house and Red Ted can’t wait to go and see it… so whilst we await our turn to go, we decided to get crafty and make our own little Boxtroll Craft! You may well know, that we have a PASSION for TP Roll Crafts. They are so surprisingly versatile and there are so many fun things you can make from them. And of course they are free. And everyone (more or less) has some. Of course, some don’t like using TP Rolls .. in which case, use a kitchen paper towel roll cut in half. Today, we challenged ourselves to make a fabulous Boxtroll out of a TP Roll.. what do you think? Really, TP rolls ROCK.

Boxtroll Crafts - Make your own TP Roll Boxtroll

 Make Your Own Boxtroll Craft – Materials Needed:

  • TP Roll
  • Glue
  • Wire
  • Plastecine
  • Scissors
  • Paper & water colours (for the label)

How to Make your TP Roll Box Troll

How to Make a TP Roll Boxtroll Part 1


  • We begin by shaping our TP Roll into a box for our boxtroll. To do this, take your TP roll and flatten it. Make nice creases on both sides. Open it and now squeeze the creases towards each other to flatten it in the opposite side and make 2 new fresh creases to form a square shape.
  • Cut down the sides and fold down your flaps. We decided to cut off 2 of the 4 flaps, as you will later have to squeeze wire through and it is easier to get through 2 pieces of card, than four. Glue in place and let dry.
  • Meanwhile, cut some wire – you will need two pieces – one to form “the neck” and legs and the other two form the arms.
  • Make holes into your TP Roll to feed the wires through – two at the top (you want the neck to poke out like a loop) and two at the bottom. One on each sides. Yes, this step is a little fiddly, just take your time!

Boxtroll Craft Part 2

  • Once all your wires are in place, you can trim them down (our arms were rather long) and start adding the body of your boxtroll with plastecine. Don’t worry if it looks a little funny.. you have time to shape it. Take a little plastecine away or add more as required. Use shapping tools (or a craft stick) to add details such as fingers and toes. You will need reasonable by and flat feet, to help your boxtroll stand up.



Boxtroll Craft for kids - Part 3

  • We have shared some step by steps photos for the features or of our troll. But really, this is your chance to create you very own boxtroll characters. Does your boxtroll have a long or wide head? Does it have a big mouth with lots of teeth or just a few? Will it have big ears or little ears. Add your details and done.


How to make a boxtroll

  • Finally, think about the box label for your Boxtroll – what is your character about? Cut a small piece of paper, add detail in biro and then use water colours for a splash of colour. Water colours are great, as they give it that “old faded” look, but pencils or pens would do just as well.


How to make a TP Roll Boxtroll Craft

Congratulations, you have finished you very own Boxtroll!!!

Now, take care, once you have made one Boxtroll, you will want to make more and more and more and more.. then go off and create your own little Boxtroll adventure!