Apple Crafts – Apple Pom Poms!!!

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So.. now that the kids have mastered making pom poms, thanks our pom pom maker (affiliate), we are making more and more and more pom poms. There are rather a lot of pom pom bunnies around our house, as well as pom pom birdies, but today, we are branching out (get it), to Apple Crafts and APPLE POM POMS. These are super cute and super fun to make. The kids made a whole bunch of Apple Pom Poms for the play kitchen, but I think they also look ADORABLE as Zipper Pulls (a perfect Back to School craft, don’t you think??) or even as a little Teacher’s Gift??? However you end up using your Apple Pom Poms, they are certainly perfect as Autumn Crafts!

Apple Pom Pom Craft

Remember – there are lots of ways to make pom poms… you can

* use a pom pom maker – I confess, that we love these for the kids as it makes them pretty self sufficient, I usually only help with the knot at the end

* you can use rectangular pieces of card – easier to wrap, but a little trickier to knot

* you can use the traditional “circular card” pom pom making method – easier to knot, harder to wrap

* you can make pom poms using a fork!

Apple Pom Pom Materials:

* Wool in red or green (for the apple itself)

* Green wool (contrasting green for the leaf)

* Brown wool (for the apple stem)

* Key ring (optional)

* Optional pom pom maker (affiliate)

How to Make your Apple Pom Poms

how to use a pom pom maker for apple pom poms

1) Wrap your wool or yarn around your pom pom making device – be it a pom pom maker, some card or a fork (if using a fork, you need to place your brown wool across the fork first, for tying later – see pom poms using a fork for more info).

Apple Pom Pom craft for Autumn (2)

2) Snip your wool.

Apple Pom Pom Crafts (2)

3) Now tie your apple pom pom together using the brown piece of wool. Leave some longish bits for tying later.

4) Make a look with your green leaf wool and tie it around your pom pom.

Apple Pom Pom - so easy to make (2)

5) Trim the ends of your Apple Pom Pom wrap arounds.

How to make an Apple Pom Pom (2)

6) Open up your pom pom and trim if necessary.

7) Tie your Apple Pom Pom stem to your key ring and make a little knot. If you are NOT using a key ring, tie a little knot at the top of your brown wool and trim. This gives you a “knobbly bit”, that you often find on apple stems once picked!

Apple Craft - pretend play

All finished!! Time for some Apple Craft Pretend Play!!!

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