Building Bridges..

..not those kind of bridges, all is well in Red Ted Art HQ… we were building “real bridges”. If you say build a bridge to Red Ted, he immediately wants to make one out of Lego Duplo… but we were building a bridge in order to meet the challenge set by Science Sparks and Lego themselves.. so it seemed silly to use, lego..? Get my logic?

So.. we decided the paddling pool would be our challenge. Here is how we progressed… pretty much all done by Red Ted, I helped draw in some lines.

building bridges building bridges

First you need our special den building chairs and sticks

building bridges

Then some cardboard. Yeah, that seems to work. But we need it BIGGER.

building bridges

Take away the cardboard. Replace sticks with plastic packing tape strips. Replace carboard with long long piece of brown packing paper. Add some very important black lines to make it into a road. (The paper is recycled from packaging that we received)

building bridges building bridges

Hmmmh it loks like a good road. But it is a bit floppy. The cardboard needs to come back!

building bridges

Let’s make it REALLY long…

The wind keeps blowing off the cardboard, so we need to rearrange all the cardboard and the boxes and the paper… and FINISHED.

Thank you for the challenge – this was a classic: it is all about the process and not the result (though we are pretty happy with the result). Red Ted enjoyed rummaging through our recycling pile and dragging different bits out and experimenting. A reminder to do more of this.. just playing, constructing, trying out different things!

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