Cat Birthday Card Craft for Kids

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Need a birthday card in a hurry? Don’t feel that artistic? But need something cute and fun? Well.. look no further and make our Pet Birthday Card Craft for kids! Or as in our case, a Cat Birthday Card Craft! Now, I have included a download of our “black and white” cat to make it even easier.. but you can make this card with ANY of your own pet photos! Totally up to you! A great DIY Card Card for any occassion.

Cat birthday card
Making this cat birthday card is quick and easy!

Also, you can make this little card super quickly and easily – with just the cat print and some googly eyes. Or you can add all kinds of birthday fun extra with scrap pieces of coloured paper. E.g. your pet birthday card could include some colorful balloon, party hat and mini pom pom (scrunch up some tissue paper).

Now, we made this card, as my daughter (12) came up with the idea of using our beloved cat as a birthday card model. And she loves all things “quirky” or silly.. hence the use of googley eyes too! And though she is 12 and therefore pretty tech savvy, I think that this Pet Cat Card can be made with kids of all ages – even preschoolers. It would be great opportunity for your preschooler to practice those cutting skills and later sticking things down in place. You would have to do the “tech bit” for them (or print off a copy of our black and white cat, to save you a step!!).

Don’t like cats? But love dogs instead? Fear not.. I will be sharing a pug birthday card printable SOON too!

Supplies needed for your DIY Cat Photo Card:

  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Downloadable cat image (we have a free here but I will talk you through how to make your own)
  • Colored card stock
  • Googly eyes
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • OPTIONAL: colored paper scraps for balloons etc
  • OPTIONAL: colored markers or chalk markers to add things like streamers etc

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How to make your DIY Cat Birthday Card using a photo

Edit your cat’s photo

Strictly speaking you could simply print your photo off directly from your phone and just make sure that you print in black & white! However, we love to fiddle with our photos and the the contrast just right, as well as the size…

black & white cat photo

The first thing you will need to do, is find a photo of your pet that shows a good amount of the animal. Ideally, with no human “parts” in it (in our case, my hand was in it, I used picmonkey to rub it out).

Then, on your smart phone, make a copy of your photo and turn it black and white. I love playing with the “brightness”, “contrast” and “shadows” features to try and make the image as black & white printer friendly as possible!

Once you are happy with the black and white photo of your cat, print either directly to your printer, or move it to a desk top and printer from there. We actually made two A6 cards at the same time, so I printed two of our black cat photos out in one go.

The printable version I have attached for you has a set of four cats to print (and make 4 A6 cards) or just the one (you can then use the rest of the paper as scrap paper for other craft projects or as note paper).

Make your cat birthday card

easy cat cards
It really is that easy!

Once you have your printable, cut out the cat.

Glue onto your colorful cardstock.

Add the googly eyes.

And done!! Well.. we came back to one of our cards later and added balloons and a party hat. But I think the card looks pretty effective with just the basics too!

goggly eye cat card
Googly eyes do make things extra fun, don’t you think?

I particularly love these cat birthday cards, as y ou can make lots in “bulk” quite quickly. And they still look fun and special. So if you have a set of birthdays coming up (we had 3 to do in one go), they are a really handy DIY craft. They would also be great as little thank you cards too.

The kids and I have always loved making our own DIY cards.. here is a collection of card making ideas for kids from over the years!

card making

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