Super Simple Thank You Cards this Winter

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So! The great Christmas rush is over!! Your house is slowly looking a little bit more “normal”.. and yet, there is one last task left to do: get the kids to write their Thank You Cards!! In our house – if you want gifts, you have to say thank you! Nothing quite like a Homemade Card to say Thank you!

The period between Christmas and New Year is a great time to make and write your Thank You cards – get them done, whilst the gifts are still fresh in your mind! Here is a collection of our favourite Thank You Cards to make and send! All super simple – for “Bulk making”! Enjoy.

Collage of Thank You Cards for kids to make

Thank you card ideas for kids

Super Simple Penguin Card Design as part of the Quick Christmas Card Series
3minute Make Thank You Penguin Cards

Penguins make a great little thank you card theme for the new year.These are SO cute and easy to make. And can be made in blue, purple or black (well any colour really, but I particularly like those colours)! Check out this Super Simple Penguin Card Design!

Super Simple Snowman Card Design, part of the quick and easy Christmas Card series
2minute make Thank You Snowman Cards

How can you NOT Love these Simple Snowman Cards? They are so very jolly and quick and easy to make!

Super Simple Polar Bear Card as part of our quick and Easy Christmas Craft Series

Make a super simple polar bear card! Really only white paper needed for this one!

Christmas Gift Card Design as part of the Super Simple Christmas Card design series

A super simple Gift Card – you can use old wrapping paper for this one if you wish!

Super simple Ted Card Design for Christmas

Finally, how about our very own Simple Ted Card Design? Did you know that Ted is a polar bear? Maybe exchange his read bow tie for some festive wrapping paper for that little something! A cute little Thank you card for the new year!

Other Thank You Cards to make

Puffy Paint Snowglobe Cards

The kids will love the MAGIC that is puffy paint.. see it puff up and make some wonderful Snowglobe Cards as your Thank You Cards this year!

Simple Cork Print Snowmen

Adore these oh so simple Cork Print Snowmen that my daughter made a few years ago – she came up with the designs all by herself. So cute!

Easy Penguin Origami Cards

This is a great beginner’s Origami Project and doubles up nicely as a quick thank you card. Don’t they look gorgeous? Love this easy Penguin Origami pattern!

Simple Finger Print Penguin Cards make great keepsakes

Another great penguin themed cardsa re these oh so simple Finger Print Penguin cards – they double up nicely as keepsakes too!

Use wrapping paper scraps to make these Thank You Cards

These Wrapping Paper Thank You cards work really well for both Christmas Thank You Card making and Birthday Gift Thank Yous. Save a little paper from your present and make these cards quickly and easily!

Easy Penguin cards to make with preschoolers
Fun with potato prints

Oh we do love a Potato Print Card – a great way to make LOTS of cards in one go.. and there is still plenty of opportunities to personalise them. Here we have some super cute Potato Print Penguin Cards!

polar bear potato printing

More potato printing fun (printing really is great for making cards in “bulk” for thank yous).. with these adorable litle Polar Bear Potato Prints. So cute.

walrus print cards

Make a set of potato print walrus cards!! These are so fun and cute to make, and the additional features are made using finger prints. Adorable!

Make some lovely Potato Print Axolotl Thank You Cards.

easy cat cards

If you have pet lovers in the family.. then some cute and easy googly eyed cat cards would make for a fun set of Thank You cards too! Use your own favourite pet photo or make use of our free printable.

Pop Up Snowman Cards

Similarly, this Pop Up snowman only needs two basic shapes (if you don’t make a hat), so you can easily create a “production line” and make all your thank you cards in one go!

Print out these gorgeous Gem Thank You Cards

Hop over to the lovely Hattifant to download your very own GEM Thank You Cards to print and colour!

Need more inspiration? Check out the rest of all our Handmade Cards for Kids.

Collage of Thank You Cards for kids to make