Chicken Doorstop Pattern – a Great Gift Idea

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Well.. I know many of you are familiar with our “juggling chooks”. They are a super easy sewing projects and look much trickier and impressive than they are…. I love that you just upcycle some old clothes and fabrics and hey presto you have a great craft and a super cute gift for kids. Make them in large and you instantly have a Chicken Doorstop Pattern (if you are feeling ambitious, check out our free Scottie Doorstop Pattern)!  I think they would make great gifts and are super easy and cheap to make:

Doorstop Chicken Pattern

Doorstop Pattern

I did exactly the same as for our Juggling Chickens – just used a bigger piece of fabric from a pair of bootleg jeans (they are wider at the bottom). And then I used two buttons for each eye – a large yellow one and a normal black one.  I stuffed the top part of the chicken with old carrier bags (make sure they are not bio degradable ones, as they disintegrate with time) and then filled it with about 1kg worth of the cheapest rice I could find.

Similarly, you can just make a lovely pyramid doorstop with funky patterned fabric, like the gorgeous one here over on Swoodson Says!

I think I will do a pinstripe chicken doorstop next?!

A reader suggested adding “cloves and rosemary mixed together with rice. Great for the pantry for keeping weevils away”!

What do you think? Would make a great Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift, no?!