Why Christmas doesn’t have to cost you a fortune this year… #spon

Christmas – it’s that magical time of year that can send any child’s excitement levels into the stratosphere!

It’s easy to get carried away and swept along by our children’s enthusiasm, but for many parents, Christmas means one thing. Money… and lots of it.

The festive season is an expensive time of year – without the added pressure of having to buy gifts for school friends, teachers and extended family you only see on odd occasions.

Shaz Sulaman, Director of Baines & Ernst, a financial solutions company in the UK says “Nobody wants to appear scrooge-like by not giving gifts, so it’s easy for spending to get a little out of control. The pressure to buy gifts can lead people towards buying on credit – and Christmas shouldn’t be about getting into debt.

“Setting realistic budgets can really help ease the cost of Christmas, but it’s important to remember above all else that it’s the thought that counts – not the value of the gift.”

Well, at Red Ted, we certainly believe that it’s definitely the thought that counts – and what could be more thoughtful than a creative gift you’ve made yourself?

Here are our top five gifts for you and your little ones to make together – so leave the Christmas shoppers fighting it out in the department stores and enjoy some fun, creative time at home…

Doorstop Pattern

Doorstop Chook

We loved our juggling chooks from a while back and now made a HUGE one.. a perfect doorstop and a lovely gift too. All it cost was the price of a bag of rice. The rest was all recycled!


Hobby Horse

If crafting for the kids, this is one of my favourite crafts I have made for the kids: our Hobby Horse. One old(ish) sock, some wool scraps a stick… and you are all set.


Rag Apple Doll

My daughter loves her little Rag Apple Doll – made from her old clothes. Say aaaah. We also made a teddy version for Red Ted! Both lovely gifts.

Crayon Rocks Gifts for Kids To Make

Rock Paper Weight

This is a great gift for the kids to make for someone, you will need one large stone and some crayon left overs… off you go.

Leaf Clay Bowls

Leaf Bowls

Finally, how about these Autumn Leaf Bowls – make great gifts – use them for spare change or keys!

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