Mini TP Roll Lanterns for Chinese New Year

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Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year with this some Chinese New Year Crafts! Time for some TP Roll Lanterns – make set of these and string some fairy lights around them?!

Every year the Chinese New Year will be on a different date, but it is usually late January to mid February. Chinese New Year 2020 falls on Saturday 25th January 2020! And it is the Year of the Rat!

Fun TP Roll Lanterns for Chinese New Year
A fun way to recycle and decorate for Chinese New Year

(BTW make a multi coloured set of these and they also make a nice decoration for Carnival!)

Lanterns are a symbol that signify the reunion of people. In China, when the new year comes or people have a happy event like a wedding, they  often hang many beautiful red lanterns in celebration.

Easy TP Roll Laterns for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year TP Roll Lanterns – Materials:

  • 1 toilet paper roll per lantern,
  • red paint,
  • gold paint or gold foil or gold ribbon,
  • scissors (I find nail scissors best or a Stanley knife – but do not let the children do this bit),
  • if using foil,
  • glue,
  • red ribbon for hanging,
  • staples for attaching ribbon
Decorate your TP Rolls in Chinese New Year colours

Painting your Toilet Paper Roll in Chinese New Year Colours

Step 1 Paint the toilet paper roll red, paint the inside too if you feel like a perfectionist

Step 2 Once dried mark two rims approximately 1cm from either end – either leave until last or paint gold now – or add gold foil or wrap a golden ribbon around it.

Shaping the Toilet Paper Roll Into a Lantern

Step 3 Cut strips from within these two rims approximately 0.5-1cm apart. This is fiddly and I find nail scissors work, better still a Stanley knife. This should be done by an adult. And yes, it is a little fiddly!

Squeeze your the TP Roll to shape the Chinese Lantern

Pushing the Toilet Paper Roll into the Lantern shape

Step 4 Once all the strips are cut, push the ends together like a concertina. Make sure the “bend” in the strips is in the middle of the roll

Step 5 Paint tops and bottoms gold or glue on god foil if you didn’t already do it above

Step 6 Staple on the ribbon for hanging

Step 7 Repeat and then add all the lanterns to one long ribbon.


Happy Chinese New Year Crafts!

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