Mouse Crafts for Kids

Time for one of our collection of inspiration!!! This collection, is all about fun and creative Mouse crafts for kids! Not only do we love DIY Mice.. but I think the “mouse” topic is also perfect for the Year of the Rat Crafts for Kids!

So whether you are looking for Chinese New Year activity ideas or simply love mice… take a look at what we have for you today!

Collage of rat and mouse crafts for kids

As some of you know 2020 is the Year of the Rat! The Chinese Animal of both my husband and son. So I think it would appropriate to have some nice Rat Ideas and Activities for kids to make. That are cute, easy and fun!

Of course they are in fact mice crafts.. but we won’t dwell on that little detail. Mice and rats are so similar. If you want to turn your DIY Mice into rats, simply use darker paper – blacks and dark greys would make perfect rat colours I think!

Check our our Paper Mouse DIYs based on Origami

Fun with these Origami Mice Patterns. We love Origami for kids. For years, I thought Origami was “too difficult” as you had to be “too neat” to make it. But I discovered that with the right pattern, anyone can. There are so many great educational benefits to origami – from spacial awareness, maths and fine motor skills, that this really is a must make for anyone studying the year of the rat!

How to make a rat corner bookmark

Super cute Easy Mouse Corner Bookmark! Any collection of mouse crafts would not be complete without a fabulous Corner Bookmark Design. So here.. I give you our mice! So cute and simple.

We have some Paper Mice Puppets:

Easy Paper Mouse Finger Puppets! These paper mice finger puppet are super quick and easy to make and use “basic shapes” (i.e. are based on circles). Combined with the colourful ears.. you can explore shapes and colours when making these with young kids. With their long snouts.. they do in fact make great year of the rat crafts too!

child with mouse puppet made from paper
Mouse Hand puppets are super fun to play with

Paper Mouse Hand Puppets! These Hand Puppets are easy to make and so very popular! So of course we needed a set for our Year of the Rat/ Mouse Craft Collection!

Mouse finger puppet made from circles
You can make these mice from just circles!

Another fabulous Mouse Finger Puppet Version. In this cute mouse puppet, your fingers become the mouse’s legs! So fun. What is extra fun about these mice.. is that they are made from CIRCLES. A great way to explore shapes again as a simple STEAM study unitt for young kids.

Printable Mouse Finger Puppets

Mr Printables has a whole set of super fun Printable Animal Finger Puppets.. including this adorable printable mouse!

And our “other” Mouse Crafts for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Mouse king for the Nutcracker fans or Rat Craft enthusiasts
We love working with TP Rolls. These Mice are quick to make!

Toilet Paper Roll Mouse – TP Rolls are a great “mouse colour” already, so they lend themselves for making easy “no mess” TP Roll Mice. Here we made a simple mouse and a “Mouse King” to go with our Nutcracker!

Minie Pine Cone Rainbow Mice Craft. Make these with mini pine cones like we did or regular sized pine cones. Either way, pine cones are super tactile to work with and the result oh so cute!

A guest post from the past.. these little heart shaped mice are a great Valentine’s Day Card Mouse craft by La Maison the Lou Lou!

Finger knitting is fun. Make this simple toy mouse!

We LOVE Finger Knitting!! Finger knitting is so mesmerizing and relaxing.. so we thought it would be fun to create a set of Finger Knitting Projects. Here we have a quick and easy Finger Knitted Mouse! That doubles up nicely as a Pet Toy to make at Christmas!

Walnut Mice are a childhood favourite of mine!

Simply ADORE these Walnut Mice. Not only are they cute  and easy and a super tactile Mouse craft.. BUT you can “race them”.. yes these are racing Walnut Mice… find out more!

Year of the Rat Pop Up Card and Coloring Page
Free printable Year of the Rat Pop Up Card

We also have a great FREE Printable Year of the Rat Pop up card. Fold, cut, cold and done! So easy. No glue need and lots of colouring page fun!

Wooden Spoon Mouse craft for kids

I Heart Crafty Things shares this super cute and easy Wooden Spoon Mouse for kids to make!

Super cute and easy MOUSE Headband for gruffalo fans

The Educator’s Spin on It has these wonderful Mouse Headbands inspired by the little Mouse in the Gruffalo! Aren’t they fabulous?!

Fun Paper Mice and cheese craft for kids

Krokotak has some super fun Mouse and Cheese crafts for you to check out!

Easy paper mice made from colourful paper

Watch this easy YouTube video teaching you how to make colourful paper mice! Aren’t they the cutest!?

Preschooler holding Paper Plate Mouse made easy

Love this super easy and fun Paper Plate Mouse by Housing a Forest! A fabulously easy Year of the Rat craft for Preschoolers. Making Chinese New Year fun for little ones.

Watch this space for more amazing Mouse Crafts for kids coming soon– perfect for mice lovers or anyone looking for year of the Rat Activities! 

Collage of rat and mouse crafts for kids
So many super cute Mice DIYs to inspire you!