Chinese New Year: Paper Dragon Printable Puppet

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Sooo it is time to look forward to Chinese New Year. And one of our favourite Chinese New Year Crafts, is of course making a Chinese New Year Dragon Craft! We have another fantastic dragon idea for you today and share with you this awesome paper dragon printable puppet. This is a fantastic coloring page and craft in one, with lots of opportunity to play! This is a great 3d Dragon Coloring Page too!

Dragon Finger Puppet
Chinese New Year 3d Dragon Coloring Page

We love this paper dragon printable puppet for a number of reasons. It serves as a dragon coloring page – coloring activities are always great for some mindfulness time.. or if in the classroom for some “lesson fillers” and quiet time should some students be finished with their other work. And coloring of course is great for fine motor skills and pen holding skills.

There is also a little bit of cutting out to do, which is great for those scissor handling skills. You don’t HAVE to cut the dragon out super accurately for it still to look great. So younger kiddos and older kids can equally enjoy this craft.

And of course you can play with your dragon and have your very own dragon dance activity!

A great way to discuss the meaning of Chinese New Year and celebrate!

If you are new to Red Ted Art, don’t forget that we have another FANTASTIC Chinese New Year Dragon Craft for you – our printable Dragon Puppet!

The Year of the Dragon – Chinese New Year 2024

2024 is the Year of the Dragon. This year it falls on the 10th February 2024.

Lucky Colors for the Year of the Dragon

The Dragon loves the royal colours of gold, silver and greyish white! These are considered the lucky colours for the Year of the Dragon. With the lucky numbers being 1, 6 and 7! Avoid blues and greens and the number 3 and 8!

chinese dragon puppet

Supplies needed to make your Year of the Dragon Finger Puppet

  • The year of the dragon coloring page/ dragon puppet
  • Coloring pens/ markers/ pencils/ crayons (whatever takes your fancy! You can even print this onto red or yellow paper on not colour at all!)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick

This paperd dragon printable is available on Gumroad or Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store for a small fee which helps go towards the upkeep of this website. Grab the dragon template here:

full set of printables

How to make your Paper Dragon Printable Puppet

You can watch the video instructions or follow the step by step tutorial here.

Once you have your download, you can either choose to print it onto coloured paper or get your kids or students to take their time colouring in the paper dragon printable. I always think colouring whilst listening to music or a seasonal story is a lovely way to proceed.

cut out the paper dragon printable

Once you are happy, it is time to cut out your dragon printable as neatly as possible.

keep the whiskers as one

TOP TIP: don’t cut individual strans of the dragon whiskers, but keep them connect! Makes it easier for sticking too!

Fold the head into a zig zag.

add the finger holder

Glue the two strips of paper as “finger holders” on the back of the dragon template.

glue whiskers in place

Add the finishing touches and glue “whiskers” in place. Though you can omit these if you wish!

finished dragon puppet

Your Chinese dragon puppet is finished! Isn’t this a neat dragon coloring page and finger puppet in one? Perfect for any Year of the Dragon lesson plans this Chinese New Year!

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Another fun way to compliment Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year lesson plans, is to explore the WHOLE set of 12 Zodiac Animals. Students can make the Zodiac Animal for their year of birth! All 12 animals (rat, pig, dog, rabbit, monkey, tiger, horse, snake, goat, ox, rooster and dragon) are available!

A complete set of 12 Zodiac Animals Pupppets for Chinese New Year is also available!

complete set of 12 animals

We also have a more Chinese New Year resources here – with many more Chinese Dragon crafts, including our popular dancing dragon puppet!

Or why not explore the Chinese Lion Crafts here – a much neglected, but equallu fantastic Chinese New Year theme to include in your lesson plan:

chinese new year lion
chinese new year dragon craft

Build Your Chinese Dragon Printable

Another one of our free resources, is this fabulous build your own Chinese Dragon Printable. This can be used in so many ways… make it really short.. make it really long. Make it curly wurly or make it straight. Use it to count or work on number bonds (add more segments) or explore colour theory (mixing colours on the dragon’s body..). Or, if you are short on time, print onto coloured paper and assemble – perfect for Chinese New Year Bulletine boards in the classroom!