Easy Chinese Zodiac Animal Origami Projects

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As you know we ADORE origami! I love that all it requires is such a simple resource: paper.. and that often, with help of a marker or pen, you can turn it into the cutest little paper projects. Today, we bring together a collection of easy Zodiac Animal Origami Projects for Chinese New Year. These compliment our popular Zodiac Animal Bookmark Corners.

zodiac origami animals

The Zodiac animals comprise 12 animals, they are:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig!

To honor all these Zodiac animals for Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year, we have brought together some fabulous animal origami projects for you.

Let’s begin!

Origami Rat or Mouse

Starting off with the Origami Rat! Here are two different projects you can try out. A classic Origami Rat and a decorative origami mouse paper craft. The latter is better for beginners. The origami rat is not too difficult, but definitely for the more confident origami maker!

Origami Ox/ Cow

Next we have a couple of Origami Ox or Origami Cow Crafts for you to try. Both come with youtube videos, that you can view here:

I think they are both great as beginner’s origami projects too!

Origami Tiger Face

Origami Tigers

Next up, we have the Year of the Tiger! We loved making this simple Tiger Origami! It was so easy and it was so cute to decorate! It also comes with a handy printable worksheet in our Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Origami Rabbit or Bunny

As with our origami year of the rat.. we have a choice of two year of the rabbit origami projects. The super simple Origami Bunny Face (again, this is available as worksheets from teachers pay teachers) – that you can use as part of greeting cards, collages or garlands, or the next step up origami rabbit!

Origami Dragon

Again we have a choice of two year of the dragon origami projects for Chinese New Year! The first is a wonderful Origami Dragon video tutorial (see below). The second is based on the super popular origami bat… and can be used as a simple origami decoration, but also as a bookmark. This one however is embellished using additional paper scraps! More info on this Origami Dragon here.

Origami Snake

origami snake for chinese new year

Similar to the origami dragon, we share an origam snake with you here by Art Hub For Kids.

Origami Horse

year of the horse origami

The year of the horse is a slightly trickier one!! But I think this origami horse is lovely and doable! It is by the fantastic origami spirit and you can watch their video tutorial here:

Origami Goat

origami goat

You can check out this origami goat in both step by step photo tutorial from or video tutorial form! Which ever you prefer. Both are available here.

Year of the Monkey Origami

year of the monkey origami

Here is a cheeky little year of the Monkey Origami. Again, you can watch the following video tutorial for this easy make!

Origami Rooster or Chicken

Tangram Origami Chicken

Origami Rooster – I think the easiest way to have a go at the Year of the Rooster is with this tangram origami! Tangrams are quick and easy to learn and then you connect them into all sorts of wonderful shapes and designs.. Just like our Origami Chicken here!

Easy Origami Dog Face

For the year of the dog, we have a choice of two easy origami projects for you! The oh so popular Origami Dog face – which is great if the kids want to also have a go at doodling and decorating. And the super cute Origami Scottie Dog!

Origami Pig for Lunar New Year

origami pig face

Last but not least, we have this fun Origami Pig!

And that is it… this brings us to end of this collection of Origami Zodiac Animals! I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as we have and have lots of fun getting creative this Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year!

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