Christmas Jokes Cookie Catcher

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A quick one… we have a set of Christmas Jokes Cootie Catchers – two designs.. one set of jokes.. full colour and colouring pages available.. so you can mix and match them to your heart’s desire. Some more crafty fun from our Christmas Printables series!

christmas cootie catcher

Benefits of making Christmas Cootie Catchers this holiday

There are a number of reasons why you should have a go at making these Cootie Catchers

1 Seasonal FUN

Firstly.. and most importantly, because they are FUN!!! And we all like a bit of fun. Kids adore cootie catchers generally.. and they are a simple addition to any lesson plan. Throw in some silly seasonal jokes and you are onto a winner.

2 There are many educational benefits of origami

Secondly.. not only are cootie catchers one of those “childhood staples” that all children should learn how to make at some point… but making simple origami like this, has many benefits – from practicing following instructions, to spacial awareness, simple maths skills (shapes, parrels, diagnoals etc), as well as cultural benefits. Honestly, origami for kids is AMAZING!

3 Fine Motor Skills/ Writing Practice

Thirdly.. though you are already improving fine motor skills and literacy skills when following the fortune teller instructions (included in the full set printable).. students will further hone their fine motor skills and writing practice when using the cute coloring pages and writing their own Christmas jokes!

4 Low prep Christmas activity

Lastly.. teehee – this one is for you… it is a quick way to fill some lesson plan gaps or rainy cold afternoons with some simple, low prep fun!

Set of four Christmas Cootie Catchers/ Jokes – variations on the same theme. Two different creative Christmas designs. Including one set that can be used as coloring pages!

A fun holiday season activity – origami cootie catchers are a great way to include some simple math concepts (symmetry, angles, shapes) and the write your own joke part is a wonderful way to encourage students to write.

This 6 page Cootie Catcher printable includes:

  • 2 instruction sheets – one with photos/ words the other as a graphic (as students respond differently)
  • 4 cootie catchers – 2 with design 1 (full color and space for own jokes), 2 with design 2 (same jokes as design 1 or version to color your own and space for own jokes)

You can of course… once again, get a freebie element to this printable resource. Simply add $0 at check out! The full set is also available on Teacher’s Pay Teachers if you prefer that as a platform.

full set of printables

You can take a peak at the “freebie” Jokes Cootie Catcher here:

Hope you like the look. I think it is so cute!

single fortune teller

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