Easy Kawaii Snowman Bookmark Designs

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Yes, it is DIY BOOKMARK time again. Today we share a cute frosty little bookmark which you can make for Christmas or maybe add to your Thank You cards in January.. or you know what…. how about making this adorable Kawaii Snowman Bookmark ANY TIME YOU WANT… and be like Olaf in Frozen. Teehee.

Kawaii Paper Clip Snowman Bookmarks

It doesn’t have to be Winter in order for you to have fun with Snowman Crafts… this Paper Clip Bookmark is inspired by both the Easter Bunny Bookmark Design we made earlier in the year and Design by Yay… who originally inspired me with her “smitten mitten” bookmarks (including free printables).

As mentioned these snowmen make a great addition to your Christmas Bookmark Designs and we have lots more Creative Bookmarks Ideas for you to browse here on Red Ted Art!!!

Easy Kawaii Snowman Bookmark – Supplies needed:

Easy Kawaii Snowman Bookmark Designs. Oh my how cute are these Snowmen and Mitten Bookmarks? Super quick and easy make. Make one, Make ten.. make a rainbow of snowmen for your winter reading! #Snowman #snowmen #bookmarks #paperclip #mittens #papercrafts #kawaii

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  • Light card – white and patterned (or create your own patterns)
  • Pencil and pens (we love these pens.. US/ UK but really.. and coloring pens will do)
  • Paper clip (stock up on paper clips here US/ UK)
  • Bakers twine (e.g. this lovely blue twine that you can get here US/ UK ) 
  • Tape & Glue Stick

How to make your cute Easy Kawaii Snowman Bookmark

The video shows you how to make both the super simple (and super quick) Paper Clip Snowman (e.g. the green, purple and red in the picture) or the Snowman and Mitten version.

You will see how easy they are to make.. and depending on how many you are creating and how much time you have, you can make the quick version or longer version of this easy Snowman Bookmark Design!!

As mentioned, I think they would make LOVELY little thank you gifts to pop into thank you cards in the New Year… on to the video. And written Paper Clip Bookmark instructions below!!

How to make a Paper Clip Snowman Bookmarks with Mittens:

The Snowman

  1. Start off by sketching your snowman – you will need two ovals, a smaller one for the body – but wide enough to hold a strip of tape to secure the paper clip and a bigger one for the head. I love the proportion of the bigger head and smaller body – so kawaii!
  2. When you are happy with your design, cut out two snowman shapes the same size (for the simpler paper clip bookmark, you will only need 1)
  3. One on snowman – add our facial details (check ours for inspiration). On the second snowman – leave plain or add the back of the scarf!
  4. Tape your paper clip onto one of the snowman halves  – make sure enough of the paper clip sticks out, so that it will fit over your book later.
  5. Glue your two snowman sides together.
  6. Hold in place with clothes pegs in need be.

The Mittens

7. Whilst the snowman dries, cut out 4 Mittens (I drew an oval, added a thumb and a little rectangular base). If you have pretty paper like us, great.. if not, use white paper/ card and colour it!

8. Cut a length of baker’s twine – that is long enough to loop through you paper clip and fit the length of a book.

9. Loop around you paper clip.

10. Then glue between two mitten halves.

AND YOU ARE FINISHED with your Easy Paper Clip Snowman Bookmarks…. aren’t they the CUTEST!?

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