Christmas Ornaments Book

Check out our Christmas Ornaments Book – this is a digital download Christmas Decorations books to enjoy throughout the Holiday Season. Combined with our FREE Advent Calendar PDF, you can dip in and out of this Ornaments book all month long.

The idea behind this Christmas Ornaments Book is simple! It allows you to print your favourite craft in a simple one page format. So you can access the lovely Red Ted Art crafts ad fee. No scrolling. No ads. No pop ups. Just 30 Christmas Ornament ideas in one place.

The crafts are all layout in a one page format, so you can print each out as a handy worksheet to follow. Great for classroom crafting or for special Holiday Season Craft sessions in libraries, school fairs or similar.

The book contains 30 crafts, to give you plenty of choice – you can easily craft one a day throughout the advent season!

Only $7.99

We have selected 30 of our readers FAVOURITE Christmas Ornaments and brought them together in one book.

What age group is this Christmas Ornaments book for?

  • 10 Preschooler Ornaments – designed for independent working
  • 10 School Kids Ornaments – great for small groups
  • and 10 “Big Kids” Ornaments – for a grown up evening or for working on with your kids

However, all can be enjoyed by the whole family – depending on level of grown up help. They also make great school fundraising projects. Organise an evening of creative fun with the other parents and then sell these at your Christmas School fair!

These ideas are tried and tested. These are crafts that you may be familiar from Red Ted Art already. We chose to put them into thise ebook – because YOU – our readers love these the most! Instead of scouring Red Ted Art or the internet and pulling together your own list of must do activities, we now have them in this handy downloadable ebook.

Each project is explained on one page – which makes it into a great printable worksheet for the home or school!

Only $7.99

Yours to own and keep forever!