Christmas Wreath Ornament Rainbow Loom

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During the Summer holidays, when we were in the middle of our “Rainbow Loom” fever, teh kids and I came up with this super cute and simple Rainbow Loom Wreath idea – it works great as a Christmas Wreath ornament and is even cuter on our Fairy Door as a Christmas decoration. As we like to “Finger Loom” (you can do it anywhere any place) this is once again a Finger Loom Technique. It looks great in green as aforementioned Christmas Wreath, but is also a great pattern to use with two colours – Red Ted made a number of black and white ones that look great! This pattern has a wonderful “circular” or tubular shape which makes it perfect as our little Wreath idea!

This would also look adorable on a dolls house!

Will add a photo of this wreath on our Fairy Door ASAP!

Christmas Wreath Rainbow Loom


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Christmas Wreath Ornament – How To Video