Cork Print Snowman Cards

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Here is a quick post for you… as some of you may know, over on instagram, I do an #ArtClubMonday hashtag. Really, it is just a quick snap of a little project we are working on. It is usually open ended and the kids get to take it into whatever direction they want. Also, it is an opportunity for us to catch up on any “arty school related stuff” – e.g. a few weeks back we needed some Alien Masks and art club monday provided us with the space and time to do it. I know that sounds crazy, but with the both kids being at school and with me running a craft site for kids, you would be surprised how “little actual” crafting time we get.

Pip Squeak particularly insists on our #ArtClubMonday sessions and if we don’t do it, she is quite disappointed! I do try and keep it simple – along the lines of some of our Daily Creativity posts. Also, if you are looking for more Card Making ideas, just click through!

Anyway, I am waffling. Check us out over on Instagram and do search the #ArtClubMonday hashtag!

So, I am sharing our little Cork Print Snowman Cards – Ali from Kids Chaos was telling me about them on our Cork Crafts Video (see below) and when I was at a loose end for our #ArtClubMonday, I thought they would be GREAT for the kids. This snowman cards are perfect as Christmas Cards (so quick and fun to make), but would also be ADORABLE **thank you cards** come January. The kids will HAVE to be sending thank you notes, I do love a homemade card. As they are quick to do, you can make a whole set in now time!

Cork Print Snowman Cards - Christmas Cards for Kids To Make


So, Pip Squeak made these with NO HELP FROM ME AT ALL.

1) Start with a quick “cork printing practice” on some scrap paper – you will find that corks can squish about a bit, so a quick practice gives the kids an feel for the paint and cork.

2) Then print away. Love how she added the snowy floor.

3) Let dry… and then add your details… as many or little as you like!

Done. Christmas Cards or Thank You Cards by the Kids FINISHED. Woohoo.

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