Snowflake Preschool Craft – Coffee Filter Snowflakes

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Well.. we have been making Coffee Filter Snowflakes for years.. and each time, I take some quick photos here and there and then forget to share them with you! This snowflake preschool craft, is such a timeless classic, that that is probably why, I never get round to editing the Coffee Filter Snowflake photos and sharing them with you. Today, I finally did it! Woohoo! And you will see from the pictures, that some are from last year and some from this year. Well, my kids can’t get enough from making snowflakes, they really love it and come back to it time and time again. Creating the random snowflake patterns is just so fun and fascinating and great for developing your child’s cutting skills!

Snowflake Preschool Craft - classic coffee filter snowflakes for kids

First shaed in Feb 2015

Watch our Easy Snowflake Preschool Craft how to:

You can make these snowflakes in plain white (great, for when you have less time) or colour your coffee filters first. My kids LOVE to colour them.. but of course, in means you need to wait for them to dry first, so it is totally your call. We have two ways that we like to colour our coffee filters.. you can either use pens and water.

Pen Method for Colouring Coffee Filters:

Snowflake Preschool Craft - Coffee Filer Snowflakes - colouring

But you will have to experiment and see which pens work better – some are more water soluble than others. So it is time for experimenting!

Draw on your snowflakes some random patterns and the squirt squirt squirt with water and see the colours run.

Let dry (either lie flat on a waterproof surface or hang to dry).

Food Dye Method for Colouring Coffee Filters:

This video shows you how to use food dyes and pipettes. It is a great way to explore colour theory too and my kids ADORE this technique! Make lots of colourful snowflakes to brighten up the grey indoors!

Cutting your Coffee Filter Snowflakes:

Coffee Filter Crafts - SnowflakesA year later… (I told you), we have Pip Squeak cutting out some multi coloured Coffee Filter Snowflakes. Lovely indeed!

You simply fold your coffee filter i half and then half again and start cutting. You can be “sophisticated” and fold it into thirds if you wish, but anyway you fold will result in interesting snowflake patterns!

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Hope you liked our simple Snowflake Preschooler Craft!!