Paper Cookie Monster Bookmark Corner DIY

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I think we had these Sesame Street Corner boookmark DIYs coming for a LONG time… I don’t know why it has taken me so very long to finally get them to you. But here they are.. super quick and easy Cookie Monster Bookmark Corner and a Elmo Bookmark Corner (the Elmo bookmark is EVEN EASIER than the Cookie Monster.. so quick, so cute, so fun). So if there are some Sesame Street fans in your house, then these darling bookmark corners are just the thing for you!

Love these Sesame Street Corner Bookmark DIYs - make this adorable Cookie Monster Bookmark and Elmo! We love easy paper crafts for kids!

Elmo & Cookie Monster Bookmarks – Materials needed

Fabulous Sesame Street Craft! How cute are these Cookie Monster and Elmo Bookmarks?!

For the Elmo Corner bookmark you will need –

  • red, black, orange and white paper
  • black pen
  • glue and scissors

For the Cookie Monster Corner Bookmark you will need –

  • blue, black and white paper + some brown packing paper or similar
  • black and brown pen
  • glue and scissors

How to make your Elmo & Cookie Monster Corner Bookmarks

As you can imagine, both Sesame Street Characters are similar to make, and once you can make one basic Origami Bookmark Corner, you can pretty much make ANY of our Corner Bookmark Designs. However, I have a video on each one individually – so pick the one you fancy watching!!! (Or watch both!). Or check out our written instructions down below!

Elmo Bookmark Corner:


Cookie Monster Bookmark DIY:

Elmo & Cookie Monster Bookmarks – Step by Step Instructions

  1. For both Elmo and the Cookie Monster Craft, begin by making this basic Origami Bookmark Corner – you can print out those instructions if need be. Red for your paper Elmo Bookmark and blue for the paper Cookie Monster bookmark.
  2. Use a glass or tin can as a guide and draw a circle around you bookmark – it must NOT be a full circle – you still need “straight edges” on the side, to avoid the bookmark falling apart.
  3. Cut out.
  4. Next, you will need some large white eyes for both Elmo and the Cookie Monster. I used the top of my glue stick as a stencil.
  5. Draw and cut out your yes and using a black pen add a pupil.

Easy Paper Elmo Craft - love this adorable Elmo Corner Bookmark DIY!

  1. For Elmo you need to make a big orange nose.
  2. Cut out a black semi circle for both Elmo’s and the Cookie Monster’s mouth.
  3. Glue everything into place.

Easy Cookie Monster Bookmark Corner

  1. Finally make a cookie for the paper Cookie Monster bookmark diy – I did this, by cutting out a circle from my brown packing paper… scrunching it up a little, drawing on some chocolate chips and cutting out a bite. Glue in place. If you wish you can some cookie crumbs to your Cookie Monster craft too!

Paper Cookie Monster Craft

And your DARLING Sesame Street Bookmarks are DONE. Aren’t they simply the cutest?

I do hope you have a go and enjoy this Elmo and Cookie Monster Craft as much as we do! In the meantime, we have TONS more Corner Bookmarks for you to check out here:

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