Cork Crafts – Knights

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Today we are looking at Cork Crafts. I love getting crafty ideas from all sorts of places – above all my friends – this particular idea came from a friend I used to go to “German Playgroup” with and she suggested these adorable Cork Knights. I caught up with her recently and she kindly cooed all over my book and then as our conversation continued we somehow landed on talking about these little knights! Decadently you DO need a Champagne (or Prosecco) cork as well as the lid and wire (my friends version uses a toothpick, but I liked the idea of using the wire to.

As you do need a champagne cork, these make for perfect little crafts on New Year’s Day or after a Big Family Birthday!

Simple to make and fun. The kids loved them!

Cork Crafts Knights

Materials: Champagne cork, lid and wire. Acrylic paints in desired colours (the kids chose gold and silver), some face coloured paint, a black pen, GOOD PVA (White) glue or a hotglue gun, pliers to bend and cut the bottle wire

NOTE: I haven’t quite worked out yet which glue is best… I actually think the PVA glue is sticking the strongest. ONE shield came off the hotglue gun knight. So may try that again with superglue or cutting said little grooves into the side of the cork, to give it all some more hold!

1) For our cork craft, the kids painted their corks in silver or gold (Pip Squeak chose gold, Red Ted silver) clearly a grey works fine too, or you could have white and blue and red cork knights!

2) I painted on a face and eyes (I did ask them to do it, but they didn’t want to on this occasion).

Cork Knights Lance

3) I bend the wire straight and cut it off – curving the round the sharp ends to make a lance.

4) Then we glued on the shield. I did 3 of them with the hot glue gun, as it is quicker. The last with PVA glue just to double check if it does hold and it does! I had to do the shield first, let it dry and then add the lance. So PVA glue just takes longer, but is fine. You could also make a small cut into the side of the cork and “jam the lance in” to secure it a bit more.

Cork Knights

All done and ready to play!

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