Craft Sticks Bookmark Gift

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So.. I had dinner to cook for the kids and I had a handful of craft sticks. So I gave these to the kids, a bunch of pens and some googly eyes, whilst I sorted their dinner. And we got.. these adorable Craft Sticks Bookmarks. They would be a FABULOUS little gift for Father’s Day or as a Teacher Appreciation gift. Not only did they make these book marks, but Red Ted then went off and made a whole bunch of “Chima sabers” (yes, that sounds like goggled de gook to me too). But I do like the imagination it sparked off.

Lollipop Stick Crafts

So really. That is it. I don’t have any more pictures that the final product to show, as I was, ahem, busy cooking. The snake tongues are a thin red ribbon stuck to the bottom of the craft stick. The Funky Hair from the Craft Stick Man, is a thicker ribbon glued down and then frayed at the top.

Quick Easy Fun!