Crafty Goodness at Rococo Chocolates with Achica

Well.. if you had said to me chococolate is crafty, I would have said “no, it is good, but not crafty”. But after my morning at Rococo Chocolates in Knightsbridge thanks to the fantastic team at Achica, I rapidly changed my minds (and regretted forgetting my “big” camera – iphones just don’t do it just).

Who doesn’t like hanging out in a chocolate boutique in Knightsbridge?

Kids Chaos and I turned up and were greeted with Hot Chocolate and delicious Raspberry marshmallows!

We then learned about the Cocoa Bean and Rococo’s cocoa plantation in Granada – the bit I was impressed by, was that the cocoa flower is TINY in comparison to the cocoa pod, that it grows all your round and that it grows out of the tree trunk. Now I bet you didn’t know that!

Thins are beginning to look more crafty (can you see the paint brushes!!). Delicious Chocolate here we come!

Hanging out fellow bloggers Torie and Me and My Shadow.

Ta – Daaaa! The Mother in Law’s Easter Egg is sorted.

We then got to taste some or Rococo’s Ganaches. I tell you they are DIVINE! And got to take home some little Easter Egg treats (plus two of the big “decorated by us” ones). I have already snaffled the mini eggs and they were beyond good.

I really have to give Achica a great bit thanks for this. A much needed break from my daily routine, in delightful company, sampling delicious chocolates.

Right. I am off to have a shop over on Achica now. I think I need some more pampering.

Disclaimer: I was invited out on the chocolate day at Rococo Chocolates by Achica. But was under no obligation to write about the day.