Easy Easter Bunny Masks

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Time for some quick and easy Easter Crafts for Preschool! Let’s make some quick Easter Bunny Maks!

Easy Easter Bunny Masks - no mess

We were challenged by Scotch Tape to make some simple Easter Bunny masks out of some of their products.

Materials: an A4 sheet of card per mask, some fun colourful (Scotch) tape, grease proof paper (important!) clear tape, scissors, elastic

Making easy Easter Bunny masks

Make your own simple stickers

We used our Superhero Mask template as a basis. I prepped some whiskers and a nose and then we got making! To make the whiskers we stuck some of our colourful tape onto Grease Proof paper – so that you can easily take it off again and cut our shapes.  Check out the video as to “how” and some tips on securing the tape etc.

I have to say, normally we would have used glue etc. Though I don’t mind using glue with the kids, it was refreshing how “none” messy these bunny masks were to make. And we had no “waiting for the glue” to dry or kids complaining because something well off. So all in all we are indeed happy bunnies!

We also got carried away and decorated our Easter Eggs with the tape – again, a great use, as it is colourful and fun and as we decorated also decorated hard boiled eggs, it feels “less sad” to eat these!

Fun with tape and Easter eggs

The kids were particularly taken by this activity and it kept them busy for ages! I love how they started making creatures and bunnies. Pip Squeak could stick all day!

Again you can watch how did got on!

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