Creative Chirstmas Day 22: Christmas Tree Tea Party

The Creative Christmas Countdown is slowly drawing to a close. I hope you have enjoyed all the Christmas crafts and Christmas activities to date and have found plenty of things to make with your kids this season. Finally, we have the wonderful Creative With Kids herself sharing an activity – Christmas Tree Tea Party

creative christmas countdown day 22

This is one CUTE activity and you so have to go and check it out!

Tip of the Day:  Found a craft that your kids really like? Don’t worry about doing it over and over again! If they like it, do it again. Children love to know “how to do something” and they enjoy the confidence of doing an activity they already know. You may be surprised by what a repeat activity leads to and how their ideas and imagination develops. For example, we have made rather a lot of Stick Men in our time, as well quite a number of Loo Roll people. Both are easy crafts for us to repeat. As we are familiar with the activity, it also requires very little prep time!