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Today we have a cute craft from Anna from In The Playroom all about “showering you with love”… awwww. Too cute! The 31 Days of Love Series continues!

150headshotThanks so much to Maggy for having me over at Red Ted Art to share a craft as part of the 31 Days of Love series. I’m Anna and I normally blog at In The Playroom where I share lots of fun sensory play ideas along with easy crafts for kids. I have three boys aged 3-6 who love to craft and create at home. You can also find us on Facebook and Pinterest.

Today I want to share a love heart themed toilet roll craft. We made some simple toilet roll umbrellas and since Valentines Day is approaching, we swapped rain drops for love hearts so that it’s raining love hearts for Valentines Day.

TP Roll Umbrellas – Materials:

  • Toilet roll
  • Spare cardboard
  • Paint
  • Shiny card
  • String
  • Tape
  • Black felt tip pen

The craft is suitable for all ages from toddlers and upwards.

To make your umbrella, first paint a simple umbrella stick onto the front of the toilet roll, like a big letter J.

Then cut two slits into the side of top of the toilet roll so that you can slot in the top of the umbrella once it’s ready. To make the tops, you will need one semi circle of card per umbrella.

Paint these any colour you like, we went for glittery pink since it’s a Valentines theme. If younger children don’t cover the whole surface with paint, that won’t matter since they will be adding detail with black pen afterwards anyway. You can add this once the paint is dry, just to add more definition to the “umbrella” shape.

Then carefully cut some small hearts from your shiny card. You should normally be able to fit 4 per umbrella. We hung these from small pieces of string, using tape to attach each heart to the string and each string to the back of the umbrella.

And you’re done! We had lots of fun creating these raining love hearts umbrellas out of basic supplies from around the house.


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