Day of the Dead: Skulls

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You may have seen our Day of the Dead Skulls earlier in the week, where we looked at the meaning behind the Day of the Dead and created our own celebratory skulls made from stones. The kids loved the process and wanted to make MORE. So we had another quick go.. but this time painting CORKS!

So this time to make our Day of the Dead craft, we needed the following

Materials: Corks, white acrylic pens, permanent marker pens

Day of the Dead Craft ideas (2)

1) Again we painted the corks white.

Day of the Dead Craft kids (2)

2) I then added eyes and teeth for them … and they did the decorations with the coloured marked pens. This is Pip Squeak (almost 4yrs) in action.

Day of the Dead Crafts

And here are our finished corks. Red Ted (5.5yrs) smudge his a little in his enthusiasme. His is a Superhero Skull. Pip Squeak focused on colourful swirls and patterns. And mine is the last one on the right.

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